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   Chapter 61 Media No!

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Updated: 2020-02-04 16:33

The ring of the intercom interrupted their office romance.

He walked over and picked up the receiver as he spoke, "Yes?"

"Senor Gabriel is here, " he, after talking, turned to Billina and said.

"Handle this. I am going out to meet a client, " she, in a stern tone said to him and turned to leave.

She neither said another word nor listened to his reply, avoiding eye contact.

Each session daily and she is a good kitten.

He then held the receiver and pressed the intercom button, "Send him in, "

After five minutes, a man, his height short, facial expressions evil and wearing a suit, he entered with a straight face.

"Senor Gabriel..." Ashton spoke, as he slid the hand in his pant pocket.

Senor was astonished to see the man in front of him, he was a handsome man.

Wearing a branded maroon suit, he wasn't looking less of a top model or a celebrity.

"You are?" Senor asked as he walked forward, and got seated.

"Ashton George, the Russian CEO, " he introduced himself, confident much.

''Oh, my bad. where is the boss?'' asked Senor.

"You mean, Ms Bernand or Mrs Bernand?" Ashton asked when he saw the confused face of the short man.

"There are two Bernands? Never heard of it..." he replied unaware.

"You never heard of Billina Bernand and her grandmother, Jules Bernand?" Ashton with astonishment around his face asked and Senor just shook his head.

"Are you from Africa? Well basically people

"About your personal life. Mr George and Bridgette, " Clara informed terrified.

"Bridgette? Why Bridgette? Why are they interested in my personal life? For fuck sake, Clara. I'm not interested in this bullshit, " she had raged in her tone, as it increased when speaking.

"Alright, relax, " Ashton said trying to calm her down.

She slammed her hands on the table and stood up shouting, "No! There is no way in hell I m letting my daughter anywhere near those fuckers! Media? No!" she spoke, authority in her voice.

"Okay, she will refuse the. Don't worry, " Ashton said.

Out of all them, Ashton was the only one speaking with her and with such calmly as if he was her husband.

"Yes, I will say no to them, " Clara immediately responded.

She sighed deeply and got seated. She was really a short-tempered and relating Bridgette she cannot listen to anyone.

Of course, she was just a six-month-old baby, not deserving of this media life.

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