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   Chapter 58 BB saves the day.

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Updated: 2020-01-30 15:48

Now both of them just reached the room's balcony but as Billina moved the lock, it didn't move.

"What?" Ashton asked to which she replied by saying, "It's locked."

"Who did it?" Ashton asked unaware.

"Me, Ashton. It was me who did this because of Bridgette, " she just said this and saw Bridgette crawling towards the glass door.

"How did she..." Billina was just as shock as he was.

Of course, he lied!

Bridgette saw Billina and Ashton and crawled fastly towards the glass door of the balcony.

"But if the door is locked, how did we hear her crying?" he asked confused while she replied, "Because, Ashton. We were standing on the balcony. Of course, we can hear her, the room is not soundproof."

This makes sense, now.

Ashton went on his knees and knocked on the door.

"Hey princess, come to daddy, " he smiled at the little infant and she cooed happily.

"As if..." Billina scoffed.

"At least, I'm trying..." he rolled his eyes, ignoring the billionaire beauty.

He knocked two to three times and Bridgette thought he was playing with her.

Ashton had this smile on his face, he wasn't looking like he was playing with the baby.

"Move aside, you freak!" Billina went on her knees and pushed him gently and knocked on the door.

Bridgette was sitting on the floor a few inches apart from the glass door.

"Hey, BB..." Billina knocked on the door twice and Bridgette looked at her attentively.

"What? BB? Really?" Ashton asked, his brows knitted.

Now she wants to spoil his

e kept on tapping it with her fingers until she got hurt by it and started crying.

"Oh my God!" Billina said in fidgety while Ashton quickly got on his knees facing the glass door.

"Hey, baby girl. Are you okay?" Ashton asked giving her an innocent look.

Bridgette cried until she saw her parents were trying to make her quiet.

Billina was caressing the glass door as if she was caressing the little infant's hair.

The baby again moved the lock and with a slight push she twisted it and the door got unlocked.

"Yay! That's my girl... Good job, baby." Ashton said excitedly while Billina got up happily.

"Where are you going?" he asked raising his head as he was sitting on the floor and she was standing.

"Inside, before the door gets locked again." replied the billionaire beauty when she passed by him.

Billina opened the door and got on her knees when she hugged her little daughter.

Ashton crawled towards them saying, "Who's the princess of daddy?" and Bridgette cooed happily.

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