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   Chapter 56 Playboy Bachelor.

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Updated: 2020-01-27 16:12

Besora when going back was recalling all the moments from the party.

What a grand party it was. She wonders who threw it, she was that dumb, attended the party and didn't even know who's a party it was.

And luckily no one asked who she was. But people did ask her the questions she didn't know the answers of.

Maybe they mistook her for someone else.

Anyways, she had a good time tonight and not to forget she has found the wristwatch, fortunately.

Bessie reached her apartment and as she closed the door, walking in she noticed her phone was ringing.

Walking to the sofa, she picked her phone and saw the name, rolling her eyes.

She cannot even spend a night in peace, can she?

The Senor and his men make sure of it.

She answered the call in a very low yet sleepy voice.

"Hello, " then after a minute, she continued, "I was sleeping, Senor. What is it?"

After the call, she changed into her nightdress, tied her hair up in a bun and sit on the sofa of her living room, with a laptop in her hand.

Besora placed the laptop on the table and held a cup of coffee in her hand.

"Let's begin the searching, " she mumbled to herself.

Bessie searched the celebrity news and today's party was on the hit list.

She clicked on the images and a lot of pictures of women and men appeared on the screen.

She searched for the image of that watch man.

On the third row was his picture, she clicked it and the name along with his a lot of pictures appeared on the screen.


strong arm and she easily unbuckled the watch from his wrist.

As he was so drunk he didn't even notice.

Bessie asked him to stand up, she stood up as he whirled around, she pushed him towards the bed.

In an instant, he fell on the bed and passed out.

Bessie smirked and played with the watch, watching him passing out as she said, "Conor Ositn, the playboy bachelor." the smirk on her face grew bigger and bigger.

Another second and Bessie woke up screaming, "I got it!" as soon as she opened her eyes and look around she was in her room and all around was nothing but darkness.

After all, it is not an easy task, is it?

Stealing the watch just like that? What is she even thinking?

Bessie sighed as she was about to lie again until she noticed she was all wet.

Did the kiss in her dream effect her in real life?

She never had a wet dream before and it was just a goddamn kiss...

"Conor Ositn, what you did to me?" she mumbled to herself moving a hand on her left cheek.

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