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   Chapter 53 Getting Personal.

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Updated: 2020-01-22 16:27

"You know one time my dear granddaughter told me that Bridgette has insomnia.. just because she doesn't sleep at night, " Jules said then chuckled and the rest of them laughed.

"Yea, that time I wasn't around with her.. that's why she was frightened.., " Ashton replied confidently as if they were really a couple.

"And she was taking her to the hospital for this.., " Jules added looking at her while she, pursed her lips in a thin line.

"So, you named her Bridgette?" Carlos asked as he kissed his niece who was sitting on his lap.

"Yes. Do you like it?" Billina asked and Bridgette immediately cooed.

"At least she likes it.., " Carlos chuckled.

"So tell me, what is parenting like?" Conor asked as if really interested in the topic.

"Ever seen Castaway?" Billina asked him who replied, "So, it's like being on an island?"

"Ha! I wish.. It's like caring for Wilson despite his lack of conversation and you're Tom Hanks on a rickey raft floating through ocean of laundry and juice-box straws wrappers." Billina replied and Conor's brows raising in astonishment.

Serena, Jules and Carlos laughed while Ashton replied, "Long story short. It's too hard.., "

"Yes, that's what she meant.., " Serena nodded laughing.

"So, cousin. What happened between you and Leah?" Billina asked Carlos who replied, "She was a liar. She cheated on me. She was pregnant with someone else's child and kept on fooling me.."

All of them were quiet when he continued, "I did wrong with Bridgette, talking about sending her orphanage.., that's why I've learned my lesson."

"It's not that.., " Billina held his hand and rubbed it.

"You know that is tru

cene that happened a few hours ago, she was nervous.

"I trace my fingers across your thighs, grab the back of your neck tightly and kiss you, you grab my face and lightly brush your lips across mine. Twirl your fingers through my hair and kiss me softly, kiss my lips, my jawline, my neck. Then bite my lip, I turn my face and pull you closer, nibble on your ear and breathe hot air against your neck. Slide my hand up your stomach into your bra. I send shivers down your spine. You don't even know what you do to me."

Hearing this increased her breathing as she gulped.

She never felt this before, not with any other man...

Why him? What is so special in him? Why is she attracted to him, as if he's pulling her close to himself, just like a magnet?

As if he's made her his puppet. Whatever he says or wants, she just does it.

As if she's the slave just waiting for him to command.

The ruthless billionaire beauty was now losing her control in front of her assistant... ex-assistant.

Well technically speaking he's a paid CEO in her Russian Company, means he's no ordinary person now.

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