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   Chapter 50 Double Standards.

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"How beautiful do I look?" Besora standing in front of a mirror wall, checked herself out.

She just reached to the party with the invitation in her hand and the security let her in.

"I must take some selfies.., " as soon as she opened the clutch and saw she forgot to bring her phone.

"Damn it!" she spat in anger, then took a deep breath and calmed herself.

Now that she doesn't have the phone, therefore, she cannot track the watch but she had seen it, so it will not be a problem to find it.

Besora when walking out of the house checked the tracker and it showed that the person who was wearing the watch was in 'The Mile.'

She walked to the ballroom and was amazed to see the venue. It was so grand and royal, ladies in beautiful ballgowns and men in ravishing tuxedos chattering with each other.

The waiter when saw her walked to her as he bowed down and offered her the drink.

"Chateau De Bardes, Ma'am.., " he spoke respectively.

"What? Me?" she asked unaware and smiled as she held the glass in her hand. As she took the sip, it was so strong and bitter that it swirled in her mouth.

She walked to the bar and ordered another drink for herself, keeping this one on the counter.

Bessie took the name of the cheapest wine in front of the bartender that he was even shocked for a second.

"I'm sorry.. ma'am. We don't have it here.., "

"Oh, oka

ow official and everybody now knew about them.

Conor was in the bar side when saw someone walked by him.

"Give me a glass of water. Every drink is unbearable." Besora, with an annoyed face, said to the bartender.

Conor, when turned around, saw her and asked, "What happened to your hair?" He then, smirked and added, "Double standards, eh?"

"Excuse me?" Besora asked unaware.

"Your hair looks like... Are you working for a bomb disposal team?" he chuckled while saying.

When Besora stuck her tongue out and replied, "No, I had an electric shock."

Conor laughed while he shook his head. The girl's humour was so sarcastic.

"Where is your lover?" he asked taking a sip of his drink. "The baby daddy.., " he added while she just stared at him blankly.

The baby daddy? Lover? Is he drunk or high on crack?

When he was sipping his drink, her eyes got fixed on his wristwatch and it lightened up.

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