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   Chapter 49 You've been on my mind.

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Then the DJ announced for the dance. And all of the couples walked to the dance floor, to dance.

"May I have this dance, mi amor?" Ashton asked for a dance, offering her his hand.

Billina cannot create a scene in front of everybody so she quietly put her hand on his and walked to the dancefloor with him.

The ballroom was breathtaking, crystal chandeliers spiraled down from the arching sky blue ceiling, illuminating the glimmering golden walls and a floor sp polished it looked like an iced-over lake.

And it wasn't just the ballroom, the women sparkled like a box of jewels, shades of emerald and ruby and amethyst swirling before them, their low chatter accompanying wafts of rose and hyacinth and Jasmine.

One hand of Ashton was at Billina's waist and another holding her hand gently while her hand on his broad shoulders.

Together they made a perfect couple, only Billina wasn't aware of it.

They were close, so close that both of them could smell the majestic fragrances coming from them.

Another moment and Ashton tightened his grip on her waist and pulled her close to him.

"What are you trying to do?" she asked, voice all low staring directly in his eyes.

"Billina, did I mentioned how sexy do you look in this dress.., " he said, his eyes fixed on her sweet lips.

No doubt she was looking stunning.

The star of the show.

The dress fitted her body so very perfectly in a fully beaded gown with a deep V neckline and keyhole back with feather details on the bottom of the skirt.

And the color was black, her hair was done in perfect loose curls and soft makeup on her face.

She was pure beauty.

"Yes, you did mention it before and

hand in his pocket, stared at her.

She, with Bridgette in her arms, smiled at everyone, then moved her eyes to him.

She was looking at him as if showing him what she can do without him.

He gave a tight-lipped smile and she rolled her eyes at him.

Each of the guests was waiting for her to speak as they divided their attention at her.

"Hello! Everyone.. thank you so much for accepting my invitation. I warmly welcome you all to my success party.., " as she said those words, the loud applause of the claps was heard in the ballroom.

She smiled widely and continued, "Today, I have to make an important announcement.. this baby here in my arms. Do you all know what her name is?... Bridgette Billina Bernand.., "

There were surprises and shock on the faces of the guests.

"Yes, she is my daughter.., " she heard the gasps of a few people, some gossiped and others whispered.

As she parted her lips to speak, Ashton came and put his hand on her small waist and spoke, "And I am the father., " he smiled.

The eyes of Clara, Ron, Patrick, Jules, and Serena were bulged out while Conor smirked.

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