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   Chapter 48 My eyes on you, babe.

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Updated: 2020-01-15 16:26

As soon as they reached the top of the building, Billina was amazed to see all of her bodyguards along with her assistants; Patrick, Clara, and Ron were surrounded by the H sign of the helicopter landing.

"Why are they..." as soon as she said those words, the loud noise of the moving fan of the helicopter came in their ears and the wind blew faster.

Billina could barely open her eyes as her dress ad hair blew from the chilly wind.

"The wait is over.., " Jules said excitedly as Billina looked at her confused.

What is she so excited about?

The black helicopter flew in the dark and cloudy sky and as it came closer to the ground, it became bigger and bigger.

Two minutes later when the helicopter got landed and Billina finally sighed in relief.

She never waited for anyone like this.., may it be an important guest or anyone, but she was the billionaire beauty. Now that her grams want to receive the guest, how can she refuse it?

"Okay, just get out already.., " she shouted irritating to the fuller level.

"Sshh.., behave!" Jules hushed her up.

Just then the guards of Billina walked forward and opened the door of the helicopter.

From the side pose, the man looked handsome, he then looked towards her but the shades covering his eyes as he stood up and jumped down the helicopter, removing his shades, in a way that it made Billina's heart skip a beat.

She never saw this kind of man before. He was so perfect, so handsome, so muscular.

The knee-length coat he was wearing in black, enhanced his

rl at this party, " he replied winking in her direction.

Billina gulped nervously as she felt her cheeks getting hot and red.

"Oh my God! Are you blushing, babe?" he asked, his voice seductive.

"W-Why would I?" she stammered breaking the eye contact with him.

The history was repeating. A few days back it was he who used to stammer in front of her, now she's the one.

"Just so you know, wherever you go, my eyes are on you, babe, " he walked forward and whispered in her ear, in a low voice and Billina was glued in her place.

She felt the environment getting hotter and hotter, so were her cheeks.

"By the way, how is my daughter?" the moment he asked, she looked at him shocked.

Did he just say his daughter? Bridgette is not his daughter.

"She is not.., " Billina was interrupted by him saying, "If you are the mother, then I am the father.., " he said and Billina could not speak a word as she looked his deep, deep eyes she was lost in them.

She didn't even know what was happening to her.

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