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   Chapter 47 A well tailored baddie.

Billionaire Beauty By Rooms Characters: 5470

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"Billina, a very important guest from Russia is coming and I want you to receive him tonight." Jules said choosing a ring for herself, in front of her were many delicate yet gorgeous diamond jewels.

On the opposite sofa chair was sitting the billionaire beauty, busy on her IPad.

"Are you even listening?" Jules asked in a loud voice.

"Of course, grams/ I have heard it." Billina spoke in a boring tone.

"Just go and get ready. The stylists and makeup artists are waiting for you upstairs."

After nearly two hours Jules walked upstairs to her room, "What is taking you so long?" she asked annoyed.

"Her.." Billina said as she put the right shoe in Bridgette's small feet.

"Oh my God! Look at you!" Jules saw the cute baby dressed in s tiny maxi with the fancy headband on her blonde hair.

As all of them were ready they left for the hotel. The Mile, it was beautifully decorated, the lobby, corridor, the venue, and the outdoor area.

The ballroom was covered with white lilies and purple orchids. The flowers floating in the blue pool giving a breath taking view.

The theme was white and purple. Although it was a business party but was so grand that it showed someone rich had thrown it.

"Lora, you don't leave Bridgette.. even for a second." Billina said as she put her in the pram.

Soon the guests started coming and Billina along with Jules attended the guests. Patrick, Clara and Ron stood there, taking gifts from the guests.

"Where is Serena?" Billina asked to Clara to which she just dialed a number on her phone.

"Where is your important guest, grandma?" Billina asked, then Serena entere

taly, just came back today." Grasyon replied in a pleasant tone.

"I heard about your wedding, congratulations." Billina was talking to both of them in a happy mood.

Patrick then came and informed her a bout the arrival of Jules' important guest.

"Hi, good to see you.." Billina walked towards the group of old ladies and greeted them, then whispered to her grandmother, "Where is your important guest? What is taking him so long?" she asked annoyed.

"Oh I see, you can't wait.." with that Jules walked away from there.

What does that means?

"Of course, grandma. I have to make a fucking speech. We don't have all night." Billina was getting impatient and irritated.

"Relax, you'll ruin your makeup." Jules with a calm face replied.

"Ma'am Mr. George is here." Patrick informed Jules and Billina replied, "Yea bring him in."

"Oh come on. A helicopter cannot come in." Jules said and walked with Patrick to the elevator.

Helicopter? Who is that rich? Nobody that she knows of...

Billina raised both of her brows in astonishment and walked following her grams.

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