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   Chapter 44 Fooling Senor.

Billionaire Beauty By Rooms Characters: 4001

Updated: 2020-01-11 21:08

Now that Besora had finally knew the location of that man, but she cannot go directly. She have to plan a plan.

"There is a party in rich circle. I don't exactly know the person who is throwing it but I am sure the watch man will be there.." Butch spoke in a sympathetic voice and said to her.

"What party? When and where?" Besora asked unaware.

"Saturday, The Mile." Butch said, stood up and walked out of there, leaving her alone to clear her mind and think of a plan.

Party in circle? Means Senor is invited too.

She let out a big smirk, then scoffed.

"Thank you, Butch. Thank you dude!" she when going out, shouted in a cheerful tone and Butch holding a glass of wine in his hand, stepped in the terrace chuckling at the little girl.

"Don't forget to wear a dress.." he said to her, happily while she gave a thumbs up to him. Walking out of the villa, Bessie sighed and looked around.

Now she have to get to Senor and see if he's invited or not.

''Fat Brody, is Senor at home?" she called the body guard and asked who seemed to give her a positive reply.

"Good. I'm coming.." she said and immediately hung up the phone without hearing him.

Soon Besora reached to

s happily excited, she had planned all these things and luckily everything was going according to her plan.

She opened the invitation card and just read the first two lines until the ring on the door made her startled.

"Oh God! I should get used to the rich life." she put a hand on her chest in fear.

Then sighed and went to the door. As soon as she opened the gate, it was a lady smiling towards her.

"Hello there. Hope I didn't disturbed you.." she said to which Bessie just replied, "No, not at all. Please come in."

'No it's alright. I baked a cake so I was distributing among the neighbors.. so that I get to meet them." said the lady.

"Thank you so much. What's your name again?" Besora smiled and asked.

"Elizabeth.." replied the lady and gave her the delicious cake.

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