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   Chapter 42 Distracting Memories.

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Updated: 2020-01-08 16:06

"Mommy, I want to be an adult." Cameron said in a stubborn way as if it was thing his mother can purchase it from a supermarket.

"I assure you, you do not." Serena replied to him.

"I need a break from my feelings right now." he was so cute that it made Billina pinch his rosy cheeks.

"What feelings, buddy?" Billina asked and he replied by saying, "The love feelings..." Serena and Billina looked at each other astonished.

The ring of the phone interrupted their conversation as Billina attended the call.

"Yes, Patrick?" she spoke unaware, then after listening to him, she asked Ron and Clara to come along with him to come over.

"Where my grandmother at?" she looked around and asked Lora, the manager.

As Lora parted her lips to speak, there came a raspy voice, turning around she saw her grandmother was smiling at her direction.

"What took you so long? Do you know what big news did you missed?" Billina asked while she stood up and walked to her grandmother and held her arm.

On one hand she was holding Bridgette and from her other hand, she held her grandmother's arm and walked with her towards the dining table.

"Oh I see, the little handsome is here.." Jules looked pleasantly towards the Cameron and said.

"The evil handsome.." murmured Serena to which all of them chuckled.

"Anyways.. I've heard the big news.." she turned to her granddaughter and said.

"And it's time.." Jules was interrupted by Patri

rest of them except Billina laughed.

"The royal blood of the Bernands.." he added.

"Haha very funny, Ostin. Hush up or I will break your fancy watch." Billina replied making a fake laugh.

''You like it, don't you?" he asked to her, moving a hand on his wrist watch.

"Not very much. my cousin, Carlos had...." as she spoke, she, all of a sudden was quiet... why?

Because she mentioned Carlos and all the memories of Italy appeared in her mind. After Serena and Conor went back to Chicago the only person she had by her side was... Ashton.

He was faithful and loyal, a hardworking person, no doubt.

Then the kissing scene appeared on her mind, making her completely uncomfortable. Within a second, her face was scarlet red with the thought of them kissing.

Nobody but her grandmother understood, of course she was aware of her nature and moods. And what was going on her mind.

But soon she will get what she want, Jules will make sure of it.

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