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   Chapter 41 Butch, bitch!

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Updated: 2020-01-07 15:37

"Butch? Is that even a name? Why do you guys have such weird names?" Besora raised a brow and asked.

"Oh God. Don't you understand, they are just nicknames. We don't use our real names in conning.." Yoha said to her making an awkward face.

"Okay, where do I find this Butch guy?" she asked, attentively, having a sip of her tea.

Yoha wrote the address in a paper and handed it to her.

Today she had been running here and there, meeting people and now finally she got the man named Butch.

Hope this one is the last. When going out from the salon, she got a call from fat Brody asking where she went.

''Fat Brody, I am out to eat. I'll be back soon." she informed him then asked about Senor to which he replied by saying that he is still the same, moody and angry.

Besora scoffed at this thought that this little goblin is angry too.

All of the people in this world should not be getting angry but this goblin must get angry. Oh and what a raspy voice he have, giving such sharp and twitching pain in ears.

She wonders how his family and men tolerates him. Even he gets on her nerves every time she watches him shouting.

Such a jerk!

She reached to the given address, in front of a villa.

"Look where conning takes you..." she murmured gazing at the huge and majestic villa she could only dream of..

"Alright now where do you think you are going?" the security guard asked, stopping her on the entrance.

"I want to mee


"And where is your area?" he asked and she replied, "Missouri.." After talking when he asked her the main reason to visit him, she told him the whole stay.

"So, the wrist watch, eh?" he put his hand on his chin as he put his hand on his chin as if to think...

"Last time I sold the watch to.." he was lost in deep thoughts.

Butch was a rich man, he was the main guy or you can say the supplier to businessmen.

The things that come to him for selling, he directly offer it to rich and wealthy people.

A lot of people knew him in the rich circle, Yoha had sent her in the right place. And Bessie was thanking that this was the last man she were told to meet.

All of a sudden her phone beeped as if showing a signal, she quickly checked and the location of the man who had the watch was showing.

"A tracker, eh?" he raised his brow to which she looked at him surprised.

"Don't worry, kid. It's an old way. We all are aware of it." he added.

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