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   Chapter 37 Are you serious

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The life of Billina was going just fine.. it was smooth and easy going, she was relaxed and not to forget.. she's sleepless at night.

"You don't tell me, you were awake last night. Were you?"Jules sitting on the head seat of the dining table asked to her granddaughter, in front of her was a table full of tasty breakfast.

"Yes, grandma. Bridgette has insomnia.." she replied, taking a sip of her black coffee.

Then after a slight pause, she added, "I think I should get her check to doctor. What say?"

"Really?" Jules let out a low scoff and asked.

"Billina, she's an infant and some babies do not sleep at night." she added explaining to the granddaughter.

"But grams, Serena's kid did not do this. Why her?" the unaware Billina asked, a little confused.

Ever since this baby came in her life, she became talkative to her grandmother.. asking for advice telling about Bridgette's habits.

Her granddaughter was happy.

"So, what about today?" Jules asked wiping her mouth from the napkin.

"I have a few meetings. Oh and grandma, can you please arrange an assistant for yourself? I am very busy these days.." Billina with that stood up from the seat and walked towards the gate.

Jules just kept on thinking and after a five minute later, she got an idea.

"Ma'am, the car is ready." Lora, the manager spoke to her in a polite tone.

''Take care of Bridgette..

ously? At least have some break..."

What? She too?

"Is this in the genes?" Ashton asked to which Jules chuckled said, "Well, yes."

He after a wide smile, continued, "We kissed.. she was drunk and I was drunk and.. I know I made a mistake kissing my boss.."

Jules was quiet for a second, thinking why the hell is he calling her Billina instead of Ms. Bernand?

" what can I do for you?" she asked facing him.

The boy was handsome, a little grooming and he would be perfect.

If her granddaughter is not listening to her advice by marrying to the guy she wants her to, why not let her get married to the guy she likes.. well not like, like but like.

Will this boy agree? But for that she have to bring him back in the company.

Again? Well, yes again.

"Join the company, will you?" she asked to which he just stared her astonished.

'Are you serious?" were the only words he managed to speak.

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