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   Chapter 35 Bundles of Blessings

Billionaire Beauty By Rooms Characters: 4872

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Fired? Jules scoffed while hiding behind the door, she had heard each and everything.

Did her grand daughter just kissed an ordinary assistant?

But why? And that naked scene....

She remembered how afraid Ashton was when he came back from the house.. And whenever Jules asked him to go to Billina, he made up an excuse or send someone else.

Now all of it make sense, all of it.

Sighing Jules just went in her room.

Two days passed by, Billina was busy... very much, these days with Bridgette and business.

As she didn't made it official so she was keeping the baby at home.

Away from the paparazzi, she knew the news in Chicago spread like a fire, and it sure as hell would be on headlines and breaking news, so she kept Bridgette out of it.

She wanted to spend some time alone with Bridgette.

These days Billina went home early in evening. All of the workers were also astonish to see that the billionaire beauty, who sometimes stayed in office, not going home because of work.. is now letting all of her work pending just to rush home.

Today she attended a meeting, did few Skype calls and a staff meeting and went straight home.

It was five in the evening and Jules was having her tea in the garden, when she saw the granddaughter reached, she wasn't surprised at all.

"Lora! Bring Bridgette down..." she, when stepped out of the car, yelled in a high pitched tone.

"First, go and get fresh. The baby will catch germs

n the floor.

"B-B-Bri-Bridgette Billina Bernand..?" Patrick stammered, unable to speak the proper sentence.

"Are you married? When did you get pregnant? So this was the reason you went Italy.. to give birth." Patrick was talking insane, said in confusion.

"What? No!" Billina rolled her eyes.

"Billina Bernand is a mother.. oh my God! Billina Bernand is a mother." he put both of his hands on his mouth, covering it astonished.

The idiot forgot that he was the one calling the commissioner and making arrangements for the custody.

Such a jerk!

Billina rolled her eyes.

"Stupid! Listen to me..." she said while he was pacing back and forth, fidgety all over his face.

"No, what will the people say, the baby came from? You probably had a night stand? Where is the father? Your reputation, Billina.." he was now, getting on her nerves, speaking without a break, she hated it the most.

"Oh hush!" she spoke in a loud voice making him startled.

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