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   Chapter 34 It's your turn now

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Once they reached Chicago, both of them directly went to Billina's villa where Jules was desperately waiting for them.. especially for the baby.

"Here they are.." Jules, as heard the horn of the car, over excitedly walked to the porch, her eyes twinkled happily.

Ashton when got out of the car, recalled the time where he came for the very first time and saw the beautiful body of Billina Bernand.

Breathing deeply, he was glued on his place. Billina when noticed, remembered what he did and she said, "come.."

"Oh my dearest grand daughter.. finally, you are back.." the over joyed tone of the old woman was priceless.

"Grandma.." Billina in an amused tone replied, walking forward to the porch where she showed the face of the baby to her.

"Ah.. such innocence." the first words Jules spoke were these.

Walking in, Jules wanted to hold the baby in her arms, as she sit down on the large sofa.

As soon as Billina handed the baby in Jules' arms and turned to talk go Ashton and Jules was looking at baby girl with loving eyes.

Another second and the baby started crying, Billina had just parted her lips to speak. She then immediately held the baby in her arms as Jules didn't knew how to make her quiet.

The baby was just went in Billina's arms by now and she stopped crying.

"What? She stopped crying.." Billina rolled her eyes while Jules was astonished to see this.

"Now take her.." she, again handed the baby to her grandmother and t

d tattoo as you were wrapping a towel." he said those words without any break, then took a deep breath.

Billina was just staring at him, both of her brows in astonishment.

Is he for real? Speaking in so much speed and without any break. And he really is talking in a loud voice infront of his boss?

"The last thing ma'am if you think, I made a mistake or talked in a loud voice to you. I apologize.. Now I'm at your mercy whatever you say." he was confident much, he said everything.. almost everything to her and now asking for forgiveness.

How dumb can he be?

There was a minute of silence.

Billina was quiet, eyes fixed on her well shaped red finger nails, then raised her head up to speak.

"So, you do realize you've made a mistake.. not just one but two.." she asked dryly.

"Yes, ma'am. Indeed. And I apologize." he accepted his mistake and being all honest.

Billina nodded and spoke sneering, "You are fired.."

There he goes.. of course he is.

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