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   Chapter 30 Exploring Chicago.

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Senor was taking Bessie out to explore and in this way he will take her to different watch shops.

"You see the thing is... first let me explore the whole Chicago and after a day or two, I will visit the watch stores. What say?" she turned her way to Senor and said.

Senor and Bessie were sitting in a luxurious black limo and talking.

"A day or two?" he asked with his eyes bulged out. He was on his last nerves to find that watch.

"Do you think I can wait this longer?" he added annoyed.

Every time this little man gets annoyed. Bessie just stares him with a raised brow and he quickly goes soft.

He cannot annoy her, can he? He have to tolerate her anyways and he had to agree what the fearless girl asked for.

While she was roaming in the famous places of Chicago like Millennium park, the art institute of Chicago, Cloud gate, Willis Tower, Chicago River walk and Wrigley field with the bodyguards, Senor was just sitting in his car... he didn't wanted to go in public.

She had Chicago style pizza which she absolutely loved. As this was first time Bessie visited Chicago, she took pictures in her phone given by Senor.

"Hey, you..." Bessie whistled towards the bodyguards, both of them looked at each other in astonishment.

"Yea... you both.." she nodded then continued, " Take pictures of me.."

One of the bodyguard came forward, took the phone from her hand and started taking pictures while she mad

a topic that will break her heart.

He was doing this intentionally.

"I am my own mother." she replied in a pleasant tone.

"No joking.." he said to which she replied by saying, "No shit.."

So she changed the topic this way. And she didn't even got unhappy or offended instead her tone was pleasant.

Bessie scoffed with a tight lipped smile. That freak thinks she don't understand what mind games is he playing with her.

Bringing the topic of her family of mother will take her to a bad mood? Shut up!

The world don't know who really Besora John Eastwood is.. but soon they will when she will join the football team.

She will be famous like Messi, Ronaldo and Gerald. The name... .BJ.. well, blow job or Besora John.. no one knows.

She let out a chuckle with a slap on her lap, Senor just stared her unaware.

"No shit, Senor." she said and winked to the fat Brody who actually blushed hard, his cheeks all red in embarrassment.

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