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   Chapter 28 Such Luxury.

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Within an hour the man had finished the whole lobster, crab sticks, roasted chicken, squids. That's a lot to take in.

Bessie hoped for a steak or maybe alfredo pasta or Mac n cheese but this weird man had ordered the strange dishes to eat.

After the wine and dine, Bessie was drunk so she was left for home by the man of Senor.

Next morning she woke up with a very bad hangover and was hissing in pain. She never knew the branded whiskey and champagne gives more hangover than the ordinary ones.

And right now her head was pounding like a drum.

Bessie walked in the kitchen and made herself a cup of hot coffee. The door on the knock made her startled.

"Good morning, Ms. Eastwood. We are here to take you to your new apartment." the fat bodyguard informed.

"Oh... oh.... really? Okay.." at first she was astonished, she continued.

"Okay. Just a minute." she ran in, changed her clothes and came back happily.

When the car reached in front of a big, elegant building, Besora was over whelmed. On the 20th floor was her apartment and as soon as she stepped in the house... it was a heaven for her.

Bessie had never saw all this in real life but only in movies.

The house was fully furnished with a touch of modern and elegant look. The apartment was big and everything was present there.

She had a walk in closet with tons of fancy, casual

t think I'm here to have dinner with you. Do you?" his tone was different, more of it, it was rude.

In a second Bessie made a serious ace.

''Why not?" she asked impassive.

''The things are given to you. Now listen to me very carefully. I cannot wait anymore. Find that goddamn watch." he raised his voice in anger.

"Oh little man, keep your voice down. I am here for that. Am I not?" Bessie replied in the same high tone as h is.

This girl wasn't afraid of him at all. Neither did she hesitated to speak in front of him.

Senor took a deep breath and said, "Besora, I want that watch at any cost. You know that right?"

"Yes, I know. But it's not my fault, Senor. I am trying to help you." she replied to him.

Senor, then told her the whole plan about finding the watch.

"Is it still in Chicago?" Bessie asked curiously.

"No, we cannot track it anymore." he shook his head in despair.

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