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   Chapter 27 Wine and Dine.

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Updated: 2019-12-16 13:22

Two days passed by, Besora asked to meet Senor two days before and he was busy, he gave her tonight and invited her for dinner.

A pair of new clothes along with matching things were sent to her.

It was side slit maxi dress in silver color with no sleeves on it but the dress wasn't that expensive.

Bessie was offended.. he wants her to steal the watch from someone but the man being stingy cannot gift her a nice and branded dress.

What a jerk!

Besora got ready and walked to the car with two of the bodyguards. Soon they reached to the hotel where Senor had booked a dinner table for them.

It was a dinner date but the planning date. Whatever Senor had planned... he wanted to tell it to Bessie and as Bessie wanted to meet him, so both of them were meeting on their own benefits.

As soon as Besora walked to the table, Senor raised his head up to see the girl was just wearing a red lipstick, her hair perm up, looking a huge bomb. The dress fitted her body perfect.

Senor never knew she had such sexy body. Even in her poorness, she was such a turn on. Just a little makeover and the girl is a bomb.

Anyways, it's not his business. He will not spend his precious money on this cheap little girl.

When Besora got seated, she was a little annoyed. "Senor.. you promised me to give things and you know I work for you.. my demands should be listened to. Is it not?" Besora spoke in disorientated tone.

"Give it some time, child. I am arranging things for you. This is a temporary flat

''Oh here it is..." Bessie said in an amused tone.

"Please.." Senor said and started eating. The waiter placed the glasses of wine in front of the guests and went away.

Bessie just held the glass of wine with chicken fingers... she liked the dish so much that she ate the whole of them.

"I see you're enjoying the food very much." Senor said having a sip of his wine.

"Very much." Bessie nodded having a bite of last chicken finger left on the plate.

"Here have some salad. By the way this lobster is so good." he said handing her the bowl of Caesar salad while having a bit of the lobster.

"No thanks. I'm allergic to seafood." Bessie spoke making an awkward face When she was done with her dinner she kept on drinking and drinking. It was the second time she had this real good tasty wine in her life.

She watched Senor eating each and every dish and finishing it, quickly was this an ordinary man or a beast?

Well it doesn't looks like he eats that much, seeing his appearance.

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