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   Chapter 26 Fooled by a Dwarf.

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Updated: 2019-12-13 13:30

"Oh you foolish child. Since when did you started trusting men?" a lady, remarkably poor, said in fidgety.

"Oh aunt. This is my only chance. Plus he's playing everything." Bessie at first rolled her eyes, then explained to the woman standing right next to her as she packed her bags.

The worried expression on that woman's face was the prove she cared for the girl.

"Don't you worry. I am doing this for myself and you guys. Just have some faith and let me try my luck." Bessie said assuring the woman.

Ever since the Senor left from the poor neighborhood, each and every person in this place got to know that Bessie is going Chicago.

Some of them were happy, few were sad. The boys she played football with, were unhappy.

"Do you think you will wear these clothes when living in Chicago?" a girl asked to her.

"No, Emma. But I'm taking it for the spare." replied Besora John Eastwood.

A few minute later, the men of Senor came in a car to pick the girl up.

"That man had sent the car for Bessie." the girl said in an amazed tone

ood.. you cannot leave this apartment." one of the fat bodyguard informed in his usual deep voice.

"Oh yea? Who's gonna stop me? You? Well let's see how it goes.." Besora was a short tempered lady and as these men had seen her before behaving badly with their boss.

What are they? And if she creates a scene in this middle class apartment, the people of the building will gather around to ask the matter.

"Ms. Eastwood.. please co-operate with us. We are doing what we are told to. Don't make it complicate for us." the other bodyguard spoke in a neutral yet low voice.

"I want to meet your boss.." Bessie said in a demanding tone.

"I'm fooled by a dwarf.." with that she went inside.

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