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   Chapter 24 First Argue

Billionaire Beauty By Rooms Characters: 4150

Updated: 2019-12-09 15:27

It's been an hour since the baby girl had born. Grace was in a deep sleep and was being shifted to her bedroom while the doctor's examined the baby.

Nobody was that worried as Billina, she was making sure each and everything.. asking the doctor's each question two to three times.

She had this thing of caring a lot, she had called a whole team of doctors in the house.

Some were checking the mother and other checked the baby.

Once Billina was satisfied she sent the doctor's back first. Just then the baby started crying, Billina panicked and said, "Call the doctors again. Why is she crying? What's wrong with her?"

The newly father along with the rest of them laughed at Billina's care.

"Relax, kids do cry. She's just an infant." Serena assured her.

Two days has passed by, all of them were busy deciding the name for little one.

Billina did planned a name but she kept quiet because it was not her part to tell.

Serena and Conor went back to Chicago while Carlos and his girlfriend Leah were Billina, Ashton, Lucas and Grace with their baby.

The parents of Grace and Carlos were too old and they usually lives in a chalet away from people.

When they saw the face of their granddaughter, they left for their

Oww.." she hissed in pain all of a sudden.

"What?" asked Ashton. "Too hot.." she threw the milk bottle in his direction and he quickly catches it having no idea of what's going on with her.

"What's wrong with you lady? It's not that hot." Ashton said in an impassive tone.

"Oh yea? Check it." Billina folded her hands and said.

Ashton checked the milk and it was hot. Billina showed eyes to him and he said, "Yes it is. No worries. We can wait." Billina pointed the finger at the little baby who was still crying.

While the both of them arguing, they immediately stopped hearing the big fart of a small baby.

For a second they stared each other, then burst into laughing. The baby was quiet for a second too when there was a silence but when Ashton and Billina bursts into laughter, she started crying again.

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