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   Chapter 23 Baby Girl.

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Moving in her sleep, Billina noticed her phone is ringing, she picked it up and saw the name of her grandmother on the phone screen.

"Hello grams.." she spoke in a hoarse voice.

"Your voice... are you sleeping?" grandmother asks from the other side of the phone.

"I'm so hung over." Billina replied, a little sleepy.

"Weren't you at a baby shower?" asked Jules, curiously.

"Yea but there was a silent disco there." said Billina.

After talking to her grandmother, she went to have a shower, when noticed she was still in her formal dress.

It was the first time she wore a maxi dress in baby pink color. She was never fond of dresses, she preferred suits over everything..or maybe a linen shirt with suit pant.. or maybe jeans and t-shirt, turtle necks, tank tops.. but not dresses.

Let it be short or long...

While standing under a hot steamy shower, she was recalling the baby shower of Grace and suddenly she remembered Ashton carrying her in his arms.

And the kiss.... she kissed her assistant?

A man? It was not that she was a lesbian and was interested in girls but how can she kiss a man?

She hates them and prefers to stay away from them. And assistant?

She kissed an ordinary assistant?

Billina clenched and unclenched her fists in anger. She cannot let anyone know this. What if he already told someone?

Oh, he's dead today..

If she was drunk then he might have controlled himself but no, he kissed her back.

What a je

or fuck sake, Serena. She's having a baby. How can she calm down? She's having contractions!" Billina raised her voice at the best friend, annoyed.

"I wonder why is it called contractions and not birth quakes?" Serena looked confused thinking while Grace stared her blankly.

"Oh my God, Serena. Shut the fuck up." Billina piqued in anger.

"Oh for fuck sake, don't fucking swear. It's not good for the baby to hear fucking curse words. You fucker." Serena replied in the same annoyed tone.

Billina rolled her eyes, the best friend was crazy.

She was asking her friend to stop cursing but here she is swearing like an insane woman.

The doctor came and after sitting in the water tub for about two hours, Grace finally gave birth to a pretty little girl.

Her husband was in fact, with her the whole time including her family members and cousin, Billina.

As Billina's mind was completely diverted to the birth situation, she forgot about Ashton being the thief.

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