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   Chapter 22 A kiss in Italy.

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A whole day has passed in Tuscany, Italy. As Carlos had won the ocean race, he was hell happy. Nobody can beat him in the ocean and he was so sure of it.

His sister who was married and also was expecting a baby, came to visit when heard about the favorite cousin, Billina is here.

"I've missed you so much, Billina." she said in a amused tone, when got comfortably seated on the couch.

"Me too, Grace. So, how's everything?" Billina asked in a pleasing tone.

"Everything is a bit difficult. The little one is not coming out yet." replied Grace, caressing her giant belly.

Serena gave a sign to Billina to walk with her in kitchen.

"Psstt... don't you think we must throw a baby shower for her?" Serena whispered to her best friend who gave it a thought and agreed with it.

All of them planned a baby shower for Grace. Next day the villa of Carlos' parents, there was a baby shower of Grace but the mommy to be had to idea.

The rest of them were present at the villa while Billina and Grace were at the private villa of Carlos.

"Grace, change into this. I have planned a photo shoot for you." Billina spoke in a pleasant tone and handed her pregnant cousin a gift box.

She, then, with the help of the caretaker, walked up in the room to change.

The makeup artists and hair stylist were also present in the room for the makeover of mommy to be.

All of it was arranged by Billina Bernand. When the mother was ready, she walked down, looking gorgeous.

Her big belly was looking fat much as if the baby can be pop out at anytime.

"Why a

to fall until he grabbed her waist and she flung her arms around his neck, their breaths mingle.

Ashton could feel her chest touched with his. In a second, he got aware, his breath sharpened.

He, then carried her in his arms, while she rested her head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.

Once they reached to the room and he put her on bed slowly, his feet got slipped and in a matter of seconds, he was on top of her.. close.. so close that he felt the touch of her nose on his lips.

They could not see the faces of each other clearly as if was dark in the room but he knew her eyes were closed.

The dim light coming through the curtains of the window was not enough for Billina to see him as she wasn't in her senses.

As he put the strand of her hair behind her hair, she felt shivers in her body and she pulled him close to her, grabbing her collar.

Another second and her lips pressing into his, not being able to resist. His lips were soft, it was like a magnet to her, pushing her pushing her more in it.

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