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   Chapter 20 Under the Tuscany Sun.

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"Yes, grandma. I am going Italy with Carlos." Billina spoke over the phone as she put the lipstick on her sweet honey lips.

"Ashton is going with me.. I don't know how many days will it take us. I guess a week..."

A day has passed by and last night was incredible. Billina was given the project she was working on for days.

The clients were satisfied and they immediately agreed to work with her.

And as the Ostins and BB working together, they were a team in this project.

And today after lunch they all were going to fly Italy. Carlos, Billina and Ashton were sitting at the hotel's restaurant, waiting for their friend, Conor.

"Is he always that late?" Carlos asked looking at his wrist watch.

"Always.." Billina nodded her head in agreement.

A full five minute later, Conor dressed in a little linen shirt with opened buttons and knee length trunks, walked in greeting them.

"Sorry, I'm late. I was talking to a friend."

"Thank you for coming, Conor." Billina said in a mocking tone.

"Yea well... my friend have this slumber party every year and trust me this is the best party I've been to. You know you guys should come with me.." he said looking the faces of all three of them while the waiter was placing the plates of food in front of them.

"Slumber party? Where?" Carlos replied putting the napkin on his lap.

"Florida..." Conor replied in a pleasant tone. "Also I'm planning to move to Florida.." he added winking at Billina's directi


There stood the competitors with Conor while the girls were changing in their bikini sets.

A few minutes later, when Ashton turned around to see and his eyes got fixed on Billina... she was looking breath taking hot.

It was the first time he had seen her in a bikini.. what's more it was of red color.

She had a perfect body, them sexy curves and a flat stomach. She was a dream girl.

Ashton could not take his eyes off her, he felt a clinging pain between his inner thighs.

Conor was staring at Serena who was wearing a navy blue bikini set, looking a sexy mama.

Carlos, then gave a sign to Conor and both of them chuckled at Ashton.

"What?" he coughed and asked, clearing his throat.

"Dude, you are having a sexrection." Conor said winking at his direction.

"You tell me it's better not for Serena." he added in a serious tone.

''You better tell me it's for my cousin." Carlos said in a pleasing tone leaving Ashton utterly astonished.

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