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   Chapter 18 Hotties around her.

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Billina didn't asked further, because he was not in the position to tell and she didn't wanted to push him.

Both of them went downstairs after Ashton got ready and asked the manager about Conor's arrival.

"What? He came here last night? Why didn't you informed me, Haydn?" Billina was fuming in anger.

"Ms. Bernand.. don't worry. I'll just check up on him.'' Ashton said politely, trying to calm her anger.

He, of course knew how aggressive, she was like a hungry lion, she'll make the whole hotel upside down.

"You stay out of it.." she pointed a finger at him annoyed.

'Well... he's not in his room. He's out there swimming." Haydn informed unbiased.

Billina took a one quick look at Haydn and walked towards the pool.

She looked around to see, a man with perfectly carved abs on his stomach, huge biceps and muscular thighs - laying comfortably on a relaxing chair, enjoying the sun bath.

His eyes covered with those black shades, all the eyes of the girls drooling over his hot body. Billina rolled her eyes walked towards him, she hit him in the head while Conor quickly removed his shades, looking startled.

"Oww! Hello to you too." his scorn immediately turned into a wide grin, adjusting his shades on his head.

"You know you came here for a meeting. Not on freakin' vacations." Billina said irritated.

"Well, yes. The meeting is tonight. Trust me, I am well prepared." he said with a broad smile on his face.

Since when did Conor started taking business meetings seriously? And he did postponed it tonight too.

"Come on, now

my lady." Carlos said in a polite manner.

The four of them were sitting by the pool, the table was full of variety of food .. after all the three rich people were having breakfast.

The only normal person in the table was... Ashton George..

He never dreamt of having breakfast in Brisbane.. or with such rich people.

The one was the billionaire beauty, the other owner of the Ostin group and the third person Carlos, he was the owner of diamond jewels.

On Billina's last birthday he sent a pure diamond wrist watch from all the way to Italy.

His family business is of diamond jewels. And his family was the richest in Italy.

Ashton was kind of nervous and uncomfortable around the hot boys.

Both of them were rich plus they had the body of Greek Gods.

What was he in front of them? They had no comparison with him.

A lot of girls would be throwing themselves at the gorgeous and handsome men.

"So, Ashton, would you like to have a swim race?" Conor asked wiping his mouth while Billina gave him a side way glance.

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