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   Chapter 17 A bad dream

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"Why the fuck were you nervous around that bitch?" Billina spat in anger.

This was the first time Ashton had heard such inappropriate language from Billina's mouth.

"I-I..." Ashton was dumbfounded. And whenever he was with Billina, his mind automatically turned off.

"It was just a play... an act. I cannot see anybody insulting my workers. I hope that cleared everything.' she added dryly.

"Absolutely.. thank you so much." Ashton nodded in agreement.

He, then escorted her to her suite. Ashton and Billina had the VIP suite and it had a connecting door of which Ashton had no idea.

He was laying on his bed unable to sleep, thought of exploring his room.

He went on the walk in closet and roamed around checking every little thing. He checked his washroom which had sauna. Ashton was speechless.

He could never dream of it in his entire life. This trip is giving him so much. He was chuffed. Ashton's eyes got fixed on a door and he wondered what might be inside it..... maybe a bar.. or a club.

His eyes lightened up at this thought, with a second, he pushed the door opened and went inside.

It was the same room as his. Each and everything was same. As Ashton was looking around, his eyes got fixed on a girl, extremely sexy, wrapping a bathrobe around her body.

The fresh droplets of water dripping off her beautiful blonde hair.

The face of Ashton was red by now. He is in his boss's room..!

Sneaking his way back to his r

her suit coat, one hand in pocket and walked towards him.

Each step she took made his heart skip a beat.

"What are you so afraid of?" she asked looking at his handsome face.

The strong and fragrance coming from her, made Ashton's nostrils big as he inhaled deeply.

"You know when I talk to somebody I want that person to look me in the eye..." she added dryly.

Ashton managed to raise his head up but his eyes still glued on the floor. Another second and he looked her directly in the eyes.

The feeling was undeniably different, the one he never had before.

Whenever he looked in those shining blue pearled eyes, he got lost in them.

And this time, he was also lost.. but was this a right time?

''Now..." she spoke with a hint of authority in her tone.

"Just a bad dream..." he said.

Billina noticed the forehead full of sweat and she do remember the shivering hands when he pulled her in his bed.

Was this man lying or he really had a bad dream?

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