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   Chapter 16 Australian Ex

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"I never saw such beautiful scenario ever." Ashton said in a fine tone, his eyes dilated to a sparkling blue star.

"Yea.." Billina said sipping her drink.

"Uhm.. do you mind if I take your picture? I mean you look so..." as Ashton was saying all this, he felt his cheeks turning hot and red.

"Look at your face..." Billina started laughing while Ashton took some bomb ass photos of her.

"Who said I said yes to the photos?" she made a poker face and Ashton was terrified that he made her angry once again.

Ashton gulped in horror.. he's dead now. Is he not?

"I...." he was lost with words, unable to speak a proper sentence.

"Show me the photos..." she said dryly.

One second she so friendly and another second she acts like she don't know the other person. She is something else.

Without saying a word, Ashton just handed her the camera and she took a look at the photos.

After full five minute, she spoke softly, "I never knew you know photography. Email me those photos." Ashton was quiet. Did she just praised his talent?

"S-Sure..." he forced a smile.

Ashton was confused because of this billionaire beauty. With her sudden swap personalities, she always made him confuse.

It's a saying that whenever a woman makes you confuse about her personality, it means she really is something and she can be anything for a man.

But the case was different. It was if the woman was with her spouse but here.. Ashton was only an ordinary assistant.

So it pretty much sums up the situation of being confused.

"Oh my God!" all of a sudden Ashton spoke in horror and tried to hide his face.

"What? What is it?" Billina looked around and her eyes got fixed on a brunette girl

plied to Ashton.

"Wait a second you are saying that he's working for BB?" Sadie asked startled facing Billina.

"How dumb can you be?" Billina replied sneering.

"And who are you?" Sadie asked folding her hands to her chest.

"His girlfriend.." she replied.

"No, who are you in BB?" Sadie asked.

Billina scoffed at this sentence, she was the very own BB. Do she really need an introduction? But was she worth telling it?

As Ashton was about to speak, Billina asked him to be quiet, stood up from the seat and said, "You don't need to know that sweetie..." with that both Ashton and Billina walked away.

Sadie had a doubt that she had seen this girlfriend of Ashton somewhere but couldn't remember where.

"Seriously? Australian Ex?" Sadie heard Billina talking to Ashton.

Later when she googled about BB, the very first image she saw along with the introduction was of Billina Bernand. She was in a trance.. Was Ashton really the boyfriend of BB? Are they together.

Only if she knew the woman was Billina Bernand.. only if she was sweet to her maybe she could offer her a job.

Shit! What a dumb, you Sadie..

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