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   Chapter 14 Picking up the right outfit.

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Updated: 2019-11-28 20:52

"Where's he?" Billina kept her IPad aside and asked the airhostess.

"He's inside." she replied.

"What is taking him so long?" Billina knitted her brows and asked. It's been half an hour since Ashton went to change the clothes and yet he's not done yet.

What, is he a girl?

"He's not doing makeup, is he?" Billina asked a little annoyed.

Airhostess chuckled while she got up from her seat and walked towards the room. As soon as she opened the door of the room to see Ashton stood in front of the closet, confused.

His sigh was loud enough to hear by Billina.

She rolled her eyes and walked in. "What?" she asked annoyed.

With the sudden voice, Ashton got startled and he was only wearing a towel around his waist. Oh and not to forget the lady just went in the room.

"M-Ma'am... Ms. Bernand..." he stammered shyly.

By now Ashton had turned red. She looked at him and a sudden chuckle released from her mouth. The chuckle turned into a big laughter.

But why is she laughing?

Ashton himself was shocked.

"Look at your face... Oh my God!" she laughed. For a second, Ashton was lost... what a cute laugh it was.

It was the first time he had seen his angry boss laughing. Ashton's heart missed a beat.

He quickly cleared his throat and said, "Ma'am is there anythi

hat designer should I wear? What do you think?" he asked smiling.

"One can never go wrong with Armani." she said and walked out of the room leaving him utterly confused and astonished.

The starting of this trip was splendid, he cannot wait for furthermore adventures in Australia.

When he was done getting ready, Ashton walked out of the room like a boss. The Armani suit fitted him perfectly like it was made for him.

His huge and handsomely carved biceps pumped up from the suit making him look hot.

''Just a little grooming and you are a billionaire." Billina said with a large grin on her face.

She liked him.. this way. suited up..looking professional.

"What do you think?" Ashton asked with one hand in pocket, acting like a complete gentleman.

"Perfect.. now you really are my assistant." she said calmly.

"Thank you..." he smiled.

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