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   Chapter 12 What a dumb!

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"Oh, hell no." she shook her head.

"I think it's time to find a boyfriend for yourself." said Jules.

"Turns out I actually have to talk to boys to find myself a boyfriend. What a joke!" she said with expressionless face.

"What? You came back drunk, Billina Bernand?" Jules knitted her brows in frustration.

"Am I?" she asked.

Billina had a control over herself every time she had drinks. This time she was also sober but her sarcasm was next level.

"You know I never get high, grandma." she added standing up from the sofa.

Walking towards the stairs, she gave a sign to Jules Bernand's personal maid to take her grandmother upstairs to sleep.

Because of Jules old age, she could not walk properly or walk up the stairs and as Billina was a billionaire so it was no such problem for her to arrange a 24/7 caretaker.

Next day Billina woke up from a phone call and shouted. She was hell angry as the clients she was going to sign the contract today were being over taken by her rival.

Without having breakfast she just had a bad shower and went directly to her office.

It was a fine day at BB until everyone heard the usual heavy footsteps of heels clicking on marble floor.

They knew the boss had arrived. Some worker passing by the lobby or who were present in the lobby or who were present in the lobby left all the work they were doing and formed a queue to welcome the boss.

"Good morning, boss." the voices of the workers were low and polite. Billina didn't replied to any of them but just walked away fiercely.

"Is she wearing red?" "Oh my God!" "Today is hell day." the workers were whispering and gossiping.

Ashton walked in the office building and saw the people talking.

"What is it all about?" he asked

"She's wearing red today." a female worker said. Patrick, Ron and Clara were just entering the office and heard what the girl said.

All three of them were froze with their eyes bulged out. After a whole minute of silence, Patrick spoke, "Reed.." Clara added, "means...." Ron completed the sentence by saying, "disaster!"

Then three of them ran towards the elevator. Ashton shrugged his shoulders and went up to his cabin

lance to him and removed her coat, put it on the table and pushed it.

The blazer slide at the long table and reached to Ashton's side.

He picked it up and left from there.

Later when it was time to go home, Billina's driver was out of duty due to some emergency.

"Arrange a driver..arrange a driver..." Clara and Ron were running back and forth, panicking.

When Ashton was passing by, they got an idea and stopped him.

"Ashton, can you drive?" asked Clara, a bit impatient.

"Do you have a driving license?" Ron asked

"Um.. yes. What's the matter?" he asked unaware.

"You have to drive Billina Bernand home." Clara said.

Ashton refused but when forced by both of them he finally agreed.

Sitting in the driver seat of a black range rover he waited for his boss.

Ashton never got seated in such luxurious car.

"Let's go driver." Billina said as soon as she got herself seated on the back seat.

"You.." she raised her head up and saw Ashton through the rear view mirror. He explained her the whole scenario and started driving.

On the way Ashton broke two signals and when he was waiting for the signal to be open on the third stop, he got confused when he saw the green light and thought the signal is open nbut it was actually for the walking people.

His confusion lead him to bump into a man, when he quickly turned to the left and it was a last minute save.

Billina rolled her eyes and said, "What a dumb!"

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