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   Chapter 10 Excuses, Excuses.

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Ashton reached the office and took the elevator to the VIP floor. As he didn't saw Jules' car outside so he thought she didn't came today.

He decided to arrange her table meanwhile. As he was about to open the door, he overheard the conversations of two people.

One was the voice of Jules Bernand and she was talking to a female.

"No, grandma. The least I can do for you is to marry Conor." she said with a rage in her voice.

"But what's wrong with him? He's a nice guy." Jules argued in a despair tone.

"Oh yea? Ask me. He's not.. He's a total playboy. Don't get me started because I know his bio data more than you do." the granddaughter argued back.

"Alright. If not Conor then it might be someone else. But kid, don't you think the topic of your marriage is closed." Jules said in a neutral yet sweet voice of her.

"Uh huh.. not yet." Billina shook her heard in disagreement.

"Alright.. grandma. Let's keep this argue for the next time. For now where is this secretary of yours?" she asked changing the topic.

As Ashton was about to enter the cabin and he was halfway out, his eyes got fixed on the tattoo as Billina was facing Jules and he could only see her back.

He got panicked within a second and ran out of there. There's no way in hell he's going to meet her or see her.

What if she recognizes him? That is going to be his last day here and on earth.

He was sitting in his cabin when he saw a girl in business attire walking out of Jules Bernand's room - she was probably the granddaughter.

Till now only he had seen her from the back or the side pose but not clearly.

Although he was interested but he considered being stay where he is or else he's got caught.

The ring of the intercom made him came back in the reality.

"Yes... Ma'am." he spoke politely as he picked up the receiver of the intercom, A few minutes later he walked at Jules' cabin and stood there in the corner respectively.

"My granddaughter wants to meet you." Jules said impassively.

The color drained from Ashton's face hearing t

ple and asked about work, she had given to them.

"Excuse me?" Billina said when she saw the young boy's back at her.

Nobody turns their back on her. Who is he?

"Who is he?" she asked the other person.

"Ashton, Mrs. Bernand's assistant." said the worker and gave a sign to turn his face around.

Ashton's heart was drumming in his ears his breath was hitched.. all he wanted to do was.... run.

"He, then, with a heavy heart gulped and turned his face around, his eyes buried down to the floor.

This marble furnished floor never looked so damn fine. What if it tear opened and Ashton could buried inside it?

It would be so much better.

''Hello, ma'am.. .Ashton George." he spoke terrified.

He did not noticed that Billina wasn't looking at him until he slowly raise his head up to see she was looking at her phone.

''Alright, guys. See you tomorrow." with that she turned around and left the office building leaving Ashton startled.

Did this really happened?

She did not even saw his face. If not luck then what is it?

Ashton was utterly happy and was praising his luck. He then saw Clara and Ron were going out carrying the car cage.

He walked to them and asked, "Are pets allowed here?"

"Oh, no. Not at all. But as we live alone so we bought out pets here and keep them down the pet room." said Clara, holding her cat's cage.

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