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   Chapter 9 Tattooed Girl

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Catching his breath, Ashton felt his stomach was tied in knots.

Where did he went? Whose house he broke into? Oh and not to forget he literally saw a girl naked.

Ashton was breathing heavily, when he saw the guard, he quickly walked towards him and said, "Let's go."

All the way down the road he kept on thinking about the girl. Although he couldn't saw her face but he saw her beautiful cream colored body wrapped in a towel, her long blonde hair.

Oh and the sexy tattoo on the back side of her neck.

Later when he went to Jules and told her that he could not make it inside the house as it was locked.

"Locked? But the house is never locked." she shook her head.

But he knew he was lying. He cannot lose a job for sneaking into someone else's room. For God sake it was a naked girl he almost saw.

He won't be spared. Plus nobody will hire him if he will be kicked out of the BB Corporation.

"Well, alright. Let it be." Jules sighed lazily.

When Ashton reached to the ground floor he saw all of the workers were rushing towards the elevator.

Clara and Ron were shouting at them and asking and asking them to move fast. Ashton's brows were knitted in confusion as he could not understand what was happening.

Then under five minutes, each of the worker along with Clara, Ron and Patrick the manager were present in the meeting board room.

Nobody had no idea what was happening. All of them were stood there with a blank face.

"Tell, Mrs. Bernand to come here." Clara said to Ashton who just got into the board room.

Jules, when informed about the sudden called up meeting arranged by no one went directly to the board room.

When exact five minutes passed, a lady - perfectly beautiful, dressed in a linen formal shirt with suit pant sleeves rolled up to elbow- hair up in a messy bun and perfect high heeled pumps, walking towards the board room.

The clicking of heels on the marble floor made everyone turned their heads to the mirror where they saw t

in the morning, he went to sleep again.

"No, Barry, no. All I'm saying is this is the first time I saw a girl.. almost naked- in my dream." Ashton holding a cup of Starbucks coffee, explained to his friend, Barry, who seemed disinterested by reading the newspaper.

"See, your CEO is all over the news." Barry moved the paper towards him and he hit the newspapers, rolling his eyes.

He seemed disinterested.

"Okay, so you had a wet dream about that mysterious girl?" Barry asked putting the newspaper aside.

"Oh God! No! Why would I have a wet dream?" Ashton made a disgusted face. He, then checked his watch and quickly got up from a seat and wiped his mouth.

'Alright, Barry. I'm taking this coffee with me and thank you so much for the breakfast. I'll see you soon." with that he stormed off the cafe.

"But dude.... I wasn't going to pay for you...." Barry said in a low voice realizing his friend fooled him and ran away.

He shook his head and began reading the newspaper again, staring Billina's photo which was on the front page.

"Isn't she beautiful..." he talked to himself while going on his phone's gallery which was full of Billina's pictures.

Most of the photos were from the public appearance she made and the clever paparazzi secretly took it.

Barry saved it from the Google, of course.

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