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   Chapter 6 Tough Trainer

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Billina took a one quick look at her wrist watch and said, "I must go. Suit yourself."

"Leaving so soon, Ms. Bernand?" Conor asked with a ravishing smile on his face.

"Yes because getting wasted in a bar is not my style." he said proudly.

Conor raised both of his brows in astonishment.

Another second and two girls- more like sluts in a knee length dress threw themselves at Conor.

"I got company, Bernand. See ya!" he winked at Billina who just rolled her eyes and walked away.

Next morning all the new comers reached BB Corporations by 9 and were told that a trainer is coming to give them a professional trainer. Ashton was there too.

Even if he knew that he was at risk here but he still wanted to try his luck. Maybe he will get selected, after all it's a really good firm.

And the salary is handsome. What more could he ask for?

Fifteen minutes later, a man, tall and broad shouldered, probably a hunk. He had thick beard and was bald. He wore the military dress and boots and his face screwed up in anger, the brows were knitted in frustration.

"Colonel..." Clara quickly stood up and greeted the man.

With a poker face, he stared each one of the new comer with his hands folded on his back.

"Stand straight..." he said in a loud commanding tone.

All of the new comers including Clara quickly straightened themselves up.

Ron rolled his eyes and whispered, "Not you.." in Clara's ear.

"But Ron, I'm afraid of him." Clara whispered back a little terrified.

"Still?" Ron asked in astonishment.

Clara and Ron had their training from Colonel and they knew what type of person he was.

He gave them a hard time but in the end both of them had spirit.

Billina is being working on this company since she was 16. Ron and Clara were the first appointed assistants for her.

"All of you.. are here in the service of BB. Do you know what that means?" he asked in a loud tone.

All of the trainers nodded.

"You! Tell me what is the purpose of this?" Colonel asked Ashton.

He looked nervous, then cleared his throat s

the cowards. What do you think the job will be given to you just after an interview. I'm preparing you all the scenarios nobody imagines applying for a job. What if you have to wait for your boss in this killing sun? What if you have to drive the car and be the driver for the day? What if you're asked to make a coffee?" he was vexed.

"Just because you are hired for a certain position doesn't means these incidents cannot happen to you or anybody." he added

And he was right. The trainer was making them presentable.. and it was for their own benefit. Next task was driving.

They had to drive the car and Colonel had to check their driving skills by sitting next to them.

The land in which they were driving was also belongs to BB so they did not worried.

As Ashton's turn came and he had show his driving skills, he was nervous.

His stomach was tied in knots. He started the engine and pulled over, Colonel was observing his expression in behavior, sitting in passenger's seat.

He drove good and Colonel was satisfied, when returning back to the starting place Colonel asked him to speed up.

He did what he asked to do and all of a sudden he got confused and didn't know what to do. The car got bumped on the rest of the parked cars and company trucks.

"I-I am sorry.." he looked at Colonel in horror.

''You are of no use." Colonel fumed in anger.

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