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"I accept your offer of friendship" I sighed in relief and thanked god for making it easy on me, but she continued saying "But I have a few conditions before we start treating each other as friends" I nodded understanding her concern.

"I need you to promise me to never ask any questions about my past or the things I do not want to share with you in future and in return, I would never compel you to share any information as long as it doesn't concern me or Aadhya" I nodded frowning.

"Whatever happened in my life until now should not affect the friendship that we may develop from now on" when I was about to say something, she stopped me by adding "Even if it is concerned to your mother or Midhya".

"But……." She cut me off again.

"I am in no way related to either of their deaths or the difficulties they went through in their lives. I would not sit and listen to you when babble about me being the reason of your misery when you are the one who was responsible for the decisions you took. Whatever happened in your life happened because of the decisions you made but not me. I was not the reason for your marriage nor am I the reason for your wife's demise. I have had every right to lead my life like I wanted, and you have no business enquiring my whereabouts."

"I understand. I am sorry for judging you. I didn't know you were in an accident" I mumbled ashamed for being a heartless jerk.

"I understand that you were mourning for Midhya, the reason why I was silent even when you treated me like crap. The Arjun I thought I knew would have never done that intentionally or unintentionally" she sighed, I frowned.

The Arjun she knew? How does she know how I might react to any situation?

"Trust me when I say, I had no intention to marry you or anyone. The only reason why we are bound in this relationship is because of Aadhya. We both needed that one document which makes it legal and respectable for us to stay under one roof. If it is not for my family's name and dad's stubbornness, I would have asked you to hire me as a nanny and my life would have been easier compared to now…" she took a deep breath. She ne

hich I am not immensely proud of."

"I am really sorry for everything" I apologized sincerely. She nodded and accepted my apology. She didn't ask any questions as if she knew something like this would happen.

"I know they can be cruel, but…." She stopped herself and shook her head.

"Do you have any more conditions?" she asked me, changing the subject.

"Yes, I want us to visit your family or vice versa as frequently as possible" she looks puzzled by my request.

"I have never had grandparents or experience the love they share. But after watching her with Bharat's parents and the way they treated her…."I cleared my throat "I want her to have the love of grandparents, but knowing Midhya's parents, they're not fit to be parents let alone grandparents…. So, I thought maybe your parents would be willing to spend some time with her. I know your mother adores her, but I am sure Aadhya will make your dad fall in love with her and…" my rants were cut off by Aadhya's giggles followed by Veni's.

This is the first time she laughed in front of me without a care.

"We will go to my parents' house whenever your schedule permits as long as it is not next weekend. Bharat and others would kill me if I cancel on them" saying that Veni started tickling Aadhya.

"Do you have any more conditions?" she asked. I shook my head negatively and extended my hand to shake.

She clasped my hand and shook it as if we're sealing a deal.

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