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I found her smiling at our daughter with a genuine smile. However, when our eyes met, her smile froze, and her eyes turned blank. She acknowledged me with a nod before glancing at Aadhya who was wriggling in her arms.

After taking a deep breath, I took the chair next to Veni's bed and extended my hands to Aadhya, who in return slapped my hand away before snuggling into Veni.

Damn! Even my daughter is mad at me.

Veni was looking at Aadhya with shock evident in her eyes before looking at me with guarded expression. I cursed myself for bringing her more pain and uncertainty in her life. I did not know what to say or do in this situation except for accepting her in my life.

We can be friends.

Yes, we can be friends…. In that way, we can share our daughter's love and responsibilities equally without fighting for her affections.

Or was it only me who had been fighting?

Goddamnit! I behaved like a over pampered child making everything about me and not giving her a chance.

She never made an effort to reach out to me for anything other than to reprimand me about my place in her life or to talk about Aadhya. It is not like I made this an easy walk in a park for her as well. I have been abusing her emotionally. I made this is all about me and totally forgot that the other person has had a life and must have her own problems to deal with.

When have I become so narcissist?

And why?

I have been so drowned in my own mourning and self-pity that I totally forgot what she gave up everything for my… our daughter. I better repeat that Aadhya is ours. She doesn't belong to just me, but in a way, she belongs to Veni too. I only thought she would be a mother figure to her, but she became her mother in every way possible. Even Midhya would have insisted on appointing a nanny, but not Veni. I have never seen her complain about Aadhya's midnight cries or her lack of sleep.

I sighed. Bharat is right I have been an ass to her from the start.

She cleared her throat; I blinked and gave her a quizzical look.

"I…." I do not know how to start a conversation with her.

"I think we need a common ground regarding this situation, Arjun. Whatever happened in my life is not any of your business. Same goes to the people in it ei

n my own blood!

This reminds me to train my daughter to not to fall for any charmer or a rake.

"I promise. I will take care of my health" Veni mumbled.

"You didn't inform anyone about this right?" Veni asked in a panicked tone.

"I had to inform Raisha… you know I had to. I can't take any risks with her insecurities. I told her not to utter a word to mom and dad" he reassured her making her take a deep breath.

"I understand" she patted his cheek and my daughter followed her actions making both of them laugh.

I feel so out of place and I can't even complain.

"I better go now; she has been calling me non-stop and was worried about you. Is it okay if I take her to meet you… or would you like to meet her somewhere else?" Bharat asked her.

She glanced at me briefly and asked "Is it okay if they visit or…."

"It is your house too" I mumbled not meeting her eyes, I could see her nodding her head from my peripheral view and sighed.

"Please tell her that I invited her for dinner next weekend" she informed him. He stayed for a few more minutes playing with Aadhya and left just before Rohan and Kriti entered the room.

They both scolded her for not being in touch with them. They didn't utter a word anything about her health except for inviting themselves to the dinner which was planned for Bharat and his girlfriend.

They accepted Veni's request and agreed to discharge her by the evening.

No words were exchanged between us until we reach home.

"I accept your offer of friendship"

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