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"I think it is a good idea, Bharat. You could not blame him for his loss. And Veni would never approach the subject herself… if it is in her hands, she would bury it deeply." The female voice sighed.

"It would ruin her entirely, yet again. I stand by Veni's decision. Whatever happened, happened."

"They're married for heaven's sake! What if…."

"He was still hanging on why she didn't attend his marriage! Why would you think he would care about her health?"

"He doesn't know about her accident?" the same female voice whispered.

"Accident?" I wondered aloud making them stun.

I slowly opened my eyes and detangled my hand from Veni's and turned towards them still in shock. I know I should not have eavesdropped on other's conversation, but it is about Veni and some how the information is very important to me.

All three were still in shock and didn't utter a word.

"She was in an accident a few days before your marriage to her cousin and no one knows about it except us. She doesn't want anyone to know. Now, if you would excuse me…." Bharat brushed me past before reaching for Veni's hand, which I was holding until a few minutes ago. I glared at him for brushing off question as if I were a child who asks too many questions.

"Bharat…." A woman, who was standing beside Dr. Rohan sighed shaking her head, throwing an apologetic smile my way.

"Please don't mind him. They were always like two peas in a pod. It must be really hard on him seeing her like this yet again" saying this she gave me a hesitant smile.

"Darling, I think it is better if you introduce yourself to him first" Dr. Rohan nudged her playfully.

"Oh" she mumbled and apologized.

"I am Krithi, Veni's friend and a ob-gyn in this hospital" she introduced herself offering her hand to shake. I shook her hand a little and introduced myself as Veni's husband which was totally awkward. She gave me a small smile and threw a look at Bharat, who was glaring at both of us.

"I wish we met under different circumstances" she mumbled softly, I nodded at her not knowing what else to say.

There is a soft knock on the door and opened to reveal the same nurse who was targeted to Bharat's anger yesterday. She meekly stood there until Dr. Rohan signed to her to enter and handed him a file. They must be her reports. He checked the reports keenly with a frown on his face before passing them to Dr. Krithi with a resigned sigh.

Dr. Krithi stu

ike an emotionless person. After hearing about your marriage with Veni, we were relieved to know that somehow, she found a cure to her broken heart. Your daughter became the source of her happiness. I…. I beg you…. I beg you…. please let her be happy in her own bubble. She needed your daughter as much as you do" Dr. Krithi pleaded with tear-filled eyes.

"I…. I didn't know" my voiced crocked.

"I didn't know" I mumbled again clearing my clogged throat.

"No one knows, not even her parents" Bharat mumbled "Her parents were so disappointed about her for not attending her cousin's wedding" he gave a humorless laugh "little did they know that their daughter was fighting her own demons to stay alive" he released a harsh breath.

"We're not asking you to show pity on her, raizada…. I am demanding the respect she deserves to have after all she had done to save your ass. If her happiness were not connected with your daughter, I would not have to think twice before taking her with me, consequences be damned."

"If she doesn't stop taking those anti-depressants, her condition becomes worse than it already is. We would have no other choice but to remove her ovaries completely." Dr. Krithi said and looked at me.

I nodded at her and met her expectant gaze. I have no idea what to say. I mumbled a small thank you to both the doctors and left the room.

I stood in front of her room.

I couldn't find enough courage to open the door.

I could hear a soft lullaby from her room and soft noises my daughter…. Our daughter was making.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to find her smiling at Aadhya with a genuine smile.

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