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Arjun POV:

"Trust me Raizada! If something happens to her, I will make it my goal to ruin you. Unlike her I am not softhearted and sacrificing" Bharat said, pinning me to the wall breathing heavily. I didn't fight back, I couldn't because my daughter was sleeping a few feet away on the hospital bed clinging to Veni like her life depended on it.

I could hear the promise in his words.

"What happened to her?" I asked him, calmly removing his hand around my neck.

"And please keep your voice low, my daughter had been crying all night until now" I said, gesturing to the bed. Yes, she has been crying from the moment Veni collapsed in my arms. Veni was having a panic attack I could see that, and I am helpless. I could hear my daughter crying and I was too shocked to move away from Veni to console her.

I hated myself for being so powerless looking at Veni's pale face.

I hated myself for not approaching the subject smoothly.

I hated myself for losing my temper with her for the nth time.

After gathering myself, I tried everything I could to wake her up, but failed. I have no other choice but to call Bharat, who cursed me hell and back from the moment he entered the house with an ambulance following his lead. I cursed myself for not thinking about calling for an ambulance or for not taking her to the hospital myself.

"If you think I would care about your daughter's well-being to my friend's, Raizada, you are daff" Bharat said, seething with rage. I nodded agreeing his words.

"Can we take this talk outside?" I said, gesturing towards the door.

"If you think I would step away from this room without knowing how she ended up in this situation, I suggest you think again" he said, glaring at me. I sighed.

"Sir, if you wish to continue your fight, I suggest you take it outside. Patient needs rest so is your daughter. I was taking enough risk to let your daughter stay beside patient and letting you two stay inside which is against to hospital rules" said the nurse who was appointed to look after Veni.

"And I asked you to mind your business" Bharat snapped at her. This is not the first time she interrupted, but he acknowledged her for the first time and turned around directing his anger towards her.

"Look here, don't for a second think that I didn't hear all your rants and you trying to intervene in our business. I'm sparing you because I gathered that you're new here" he snapped, making her stumble back a little.

"Threatening the staff, I see" I heard someone say from the door.

"I would appreciate it, if the staff knows who they are

her of being selfish, when it was me who was being selfish and self-centered.

She did nothing but love my daughter, that she indeed left her whole life behind just to take care of her.

When did I become so emotionally unstable that I started behaving like an idiot?

I closed my eyes tiredly.


I could hear someone muttering string of curses from somewhere.

"Stop being an ass, Bharat. He was just holding her hand not killing her" I can hear a soft feminine voice.

"He doesn't deserve her" definitely Bharat.

"Who the hell are you to say that?" same female voice. I desperately wanted to open my eyes and tell them to get the hell out of here, but I couldn't open my eyes.

"Unlike that bastard who was clutching to my best friend's hand in a death grip, I care for her" Bharat snapped.

"When did she started taking anti-depressants again?" I frowned.

Why would Veni take those medicines?

Bharat started cursing again.

"I think it is better to inform Arjun about her health condition" Is it Rohan?

"If you think that bastard would care, you're in for a surprise" I tried to pry my eyes open but failed.

"I think it is a good idea, Bharat. You couldn't blame him for grieving for his loss. And Veni would never approach the subject herself… if it is in her hands, she would bury it deeply." The female voice sighed.

"It would ruin her entirely, yet again. I stand by Veni's decision. Whatever happened, happened."

"They're married for heaven's sake! Why if…."

"He was still hanging on why she didn't attend his marriage! Why do you think he would care about her health?"

"He doesn't know about her accident?"

"Accident?" I wondered aloud making them stun.

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