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Veni POV:

I heard Arjun clearing his throat for the third time during our ride to home. I know he wants to ask questions, but I am neither in mood nor have energy to lie to his face. I need some time to process on what really happened and then react. I shouldn't lose my cool today at any cost.

I glanced down at Angel, who was sleeping in my arms, but she was clutching me like a baby monkey. I can feel my lips curving into a smile without me trying. I brushed a small kiss on her forehead earning a small yawn and a beautiful smile from her.

"She is going to break so many hearts for sure" I said, shaking my head.

"She will be a heartbreaker" I heard him say.

I tightened the grip around Angel unconsciously making her wriggle in my hands. The temperature in the car dropped suddenly and the silence was too palpable. I can feel his eyes on me and his fits tightening on the wheel with his knuckles turning white.

"Did you say something?" He asked, I sighed and nodded my head negatively. Thankfully, we reached home in less time than I have anticipated.

When I was about to go to my room, I finally heard him saying "I need to talk to you" making me stop on my tracks. "About my mother" he added making me close my eyes in frustration.

'Why can't he do both of us a favor and let this go?' I thought shaking my head. I took a deep breath before turning to face him.

"I am very tired right now, Arjun. Can we have this conversation tomorrow?" I asked him politely making him sigh in exasperation.

"Please" I heard him say, he was closing his eyes tightly and his hands curled into fists. Taking a deep breath, I nodded knowing very well that he couldn't see me.

"I will be back in few minutes" His eyes flew open surprise. I just gestured Aadhya and left without saying a word. I placed Aadhya in her crib carefully

o unaffected by this?

How can she be so selfish?

And people love her for being so selfish!

"You were never in town when your sister needed you. And now, you were not in town when my mother passed away. You couldn't come to her funeral though you know she had passed away. How can you be so selfish?" I have no idea why I was so shaken by the idea of her being so selfish.

If what Mrs. Sharma says was true, then my mother must have adored her. She always wished for a daughter and wanted to adopt a girl, but my pathetic excuse of a father denied her every wish. She used to adore every girl she used to get acquainted with.

My mother was a very kind and loving woman.

She was loved by so many people.

And look at the person in front of me.

How can someone be so nonchalant about one's death?

There was no emotion when she was saying that she wasn't in town.

No sadness.

No tears.

And No regret.

I don't know when I reached her, but I started shaking her shoulders uttering whatever comes to my mouth. I couldn't control my anger anymore.

I finally stopped, not because I wasn't furious anymore, but she went limp in my hands.

"Wish you were here" was all I heard before she went cold in my arms.

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