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Chapter 20

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Arjun Pov:

I am feeling very light looking at my daughter playing with Mr. Singh. I am feeling guilty for refraining her to have grandparents love. I now understand that blood doesn't make you a well-wisher, but bonding and affection does. I admire the way they treat Veni… like she is their own, not by blood but by love they have for each other.

I can see Mrs. Singh glaring at me and trying to be subtle. I heard Mr. Singh is not someone to ask for favors, but he requested me to be there for Veni. She's loved by so many people… her parents, Bharat's family and for god sake my wife was asking for her when she was on her death bed.

What is so special about her that everyone loves her, but not my Midhya? All her attempts to be close to her parents were useless and I don't forgive Veni for not being there for her despite of countless reasons she may have had.

'She may not know Midhya's condition then' my conscience tried to reason. I shook my head; I shouldn't think about past and concentrate on present.

What happened, happened.

Midhya and I know what we were getting into… She gave me my precious Aadhya to take care of and I would try to be a best father and give her the best in everything.

'I will try to make sometime once in a while to take her to Veni's house… that way my daughter can get the love of grandparents. Uncle and Aunty loved Midhya like she's their own and I am sure they would love my daughter as their own grandchild too' I thought and nodded to myself.

When I was busy with my thoughts my daughter somehow ended up in Mrs. Singh's arms. I almost thought my daughter took liking towards her when she had her tiny hands on either side of Mr. Singh's face, but God was I wrong?

What happened next was an utter shock to everyone.

This is the first time I was seeing my daughter behaving so naughty. Maybe it was because it was either me or Veni or Aunty.

Does this mean my daughter no longer feels lonely and depressed?

"I knew this! I knew this would happen! You're definitely her incarnation, aren't you?" Mrs. Singh's harsh words pulled me out of the reverie.

What the heck!

How dare she insult my wife?


confused and hurt at first too when everyone chanted Veni's name and always says how perfect she was, but my Bharat cleared all my doubts" She said, reassuringly. I am confused as hell right now.

"Look -" I tried to say I am no where near being jealous of their friendship, but she cut me off saying "You know… you should communicate with your wife properly. If you do, you will know how much she loves you and your daughter. She is your wife after all" she said shrugging making me want to bang my head to the nearest wall.

"Hey… here you are" never in my life I was so relieved to hear his voice.

Bharat whispered something in her ears and sent her away. Thank you, god, for that.

"She doesn't know anything about your relationship. Please don't mind her words" Bharat said, his voice was calm unlike the other times we met. I nodded not knowing what to say.

We stood there in silence with him leaning on the wall and me to the railing.

"I have too many questions and I know you wouldn't answer" I said, finally facing him.

He just gave me a look and shrugged.

"I would have answered each one of them in my own style if only…" he sighed dramatically.

I raised an eyebrow at him, he just shrugged nonchalantly.

"As my best friend always says… 'past is past for a reason and we should never dwell on it'" saying this, he shrugged again.

"And Arjun" he gave a slight pause "She is stronger now" saying this he left me all alone with my thoughts.

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