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   Chapter 19 Veni POV

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Updated: 2020-02-02 23:05

"Sometimes, somethings to be left unsaid" I said, turning around to leave from this conversation knowing very well it wouldn't end well. But I stopped in my tracks when I find Arjun staring at me with some weird look on his face.

"I think things happens for a reason too then" Aunty said and patted my back leaving us alone, but not giving Arjun a look that say, 'I still don't approve you'. I sighed at her retreating figure not knowing what to think about her words.

I cleared my throat when I find Arjun still looking at me and it is making me really uncomfortable. His eyes were filled with questions that he couldn't ask. I am happy that he will not be interfering in anything that concerns me.

"Do you need anything?" I asked him, turning around and pretending to be busy with collecting the kitchenware to set the table which was already done.

"I… w- water" he uttered uncomfortably. Good! It shouldn't be me, who's supposed to be uncomfortable. It wasn't me who was eavesdropping a private chat. I know it's not intentional because he would care less until or unless the topic is related to his family minus me in it.

I nodded at him and grabbed a bottle from refrigerator and passing it to him. I cursed myself for even remembering that small detail. He always prefers very cold water even if he was dying with cold and fever. That is how much he was obsessed with it.

"Anything else?" I asked him when I felt his gaze on me. He nodded his head negatively before leaving me alone.

'Why? Why Veni? You were doing so good at avoiding or not paying attention to him until now. Then why the hell were you thinking about things which were buried years ago? You need to be strong and need to get a grip on your thoughts and words' I chided myself and joined them at the dining table.

Aadhya was playing with Uncle's mustache like it is made of elastic, stretching it from either sides and clapping whenever uncle winces in pain. When I tried to take her from him so he could have dinner peacefully, she started shaking her head and started slapping his face making him laugh loudly.

I glanced at Arjun to see if Arjun was okay with this situation, but I find him smiling at his daughter tenderly and shaking his head.

What happened to him? I

ou had to put up with a guy who has the ego with a size of Mt. Everest" I said, stretching my hand for a handshake, smiling politely.

She offered her hand hesitantly and nodded giving me an awkward smile.

"You guys were having lunch without us? How mean!" he commented before dragging me and his girlfriend towards the table. He made his girlfriend sit first then pushed me into another chair not so gently.

"You… You… why the hell did you do that?" I asked him, annoyed. Even Angel was frowning at him. He simply waved his hand at her and started serving for himself and Raisha.

"Because you deserve it for not informing me about your dinner plans. I have been trying to reach you since I got to know about the news from dad and you never answer. How dare you to start before I reach?" He accused me, throwing daggers with his eyes. I rolled my eyes at his dramatics and gave an awkward smile to a confused Raisha.

"That's because I forgot my phone in the house and was busy with 'talking' to both of your parents about your 'achievements'" I said, emphasizing talking and achievements.

"Ahh yeah achievements" he scratched his head and winked at Raisha making her blush, but it didn't go unnoticed by me and his parents, who started giving him 'the talk' about how they shouldn't plan trips like this before marriage and all.

"What would I say if the baby comes just a few months after your marriage" Aunty raised a concern making Bharat bang his head to the table with utter embarrassment.

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