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Arjun POV:

"I can never predict you, Angel" I heard myself saying but frowned when my words were repeated by none other than Veni. When I looked at her, her eyes were throwing daggers at me for some unknown reason.


"You know how I would recognize you?" I asked, teasing her like always.

"H-How?" I smirked. Knowing well that she would be freaking out thinking that I may find her. How I wish, I could meet her in person and confess my feelings she stirred in me.

And accuse her for trespassing into my heart and for making it her home.

Damn! I sound like a girl.

"While you try to hide from me, I would exchange some story with the people around me and will start saying the most random things………" I gave a small pause knowing well that she would want me to continue and I patted my back when I heard her say "And?" I can hear her sighing wishfully; I know she wanted to be near me as much as I do. I just wish she would give up her insecurities and appear in front of me, so we could have our happily ever after.

God! I sound so cheesy right now. She is to be accused for this too.

"And I would know when you and I would say the most random thing at the same time" I can't believe I was saying these things to a girl, who I never met in my life.

She started laughing. Her laughter is the most melodious thing I have ever heard. I grinned knowing I accomplished my goal for the day. I know this day would be best for starting it with her laughter. Her voice is the best medicine for my hangover and her laughter was just a cherry on the top.


I found myself staring at Veni while she is looking at me with an unknown emotion and I can clearly see the layer of tears forming in her eyes.


"Protect her from herself" I remembered her dad's words. He calls me everyday to know about his daughter's well-being.

I thought he was being dramatic when I heard him say those words, but after observing her all these days I can say that she was broken. Behind all the tough exterior, there must be a vulnerable woman who was trying her best to hide.

"She must be feeling insecure about something and acting defensive before someone hurt her" were her words to explain Bharat's girlfriend behavior.

Is she doing the same thing as Bharat's gir

d to leave before he would say that he is sorry. I am really tired of everyone giving me pitiful glances all the time.

"But, can you do me a favor and take care of my Veni? She may not be my daughter by blood, but we love her no less. We thought she would become our daughter-in-law, but it seems like fate has other plans for you guys" He asked taking my hands into his.

"Is there something wrong with her?" I asked him, not understanding why everyone asking me to take care of her.

"I don't know what happened. One day she was all hyper jumping around the house like she owns the world and the next day she was sitting in front of our house in rain fully drenched. She wouldn't say anything. I tried asking Bharat, but he never uttered a word about it" hearing those words, I felt a sudden pain in my heart. It is like I am feeling her pain all of a sudden. I gasped and tried to take a deep breath which lead to fits of coughing.

I excused myself to get some water and made my way towards kitchen. I don't want to bother him, and my Angel seems to be really comfortable with him.

I stopped in my tracks when I heard Mrs. Singh's question.

"But what do you think Veni? Is it okay if a person gives up on his/her love without even trying?" Mrs. Singh asked Veni, but her gaze was fixed on me.

How can she ask such a personal question when she very well knows that I was there? Veni doesn't know that I was here since she has her back towards me. When I was about to make my presence known, I heard her saying…

"Sometimes, somethings should be left unsaid".

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