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Veni Pov:

I sent a small prayer before ringing the doorbell. I just wish Aunty wouldn't make Arjun uncomfortable with all her comments on our marriage or worse raise a topic about Midhya.

Thankfully Uncle opened the door with a disgruntled face followed by Aunty with a rolling pin in her hands. When her eyes landed on us, she hid her weapon behind her with an awkward smile on her face.

"Hello Aunty, Uncle" I passed Aadhya to Arjun before hugging them both. Aunty smiled and patted my head, while Uncle mumbled 'Thank god you came on time' making me chuckle.

Uncle invited Arjun in patting his back, while aunty left saying that she would prepare refreshments for us. Uncle and I exchanged a knowing smile.

She neither acknowledge nor invited Arjun in.

I signed to Uncle to start a conversation with Arjun while I go take care of his pissed off wife. He complied happily before making a small conversation about business. When I tried to take Aadhya in my hands, his hands tightened around her…. I hope involuntarily.

"You guys talk. Aadhya will get fussy if she isn't fed in on time" He nodded understandingly passing Aadhya to me. I sighed.

When will he understand that I will never bring any harm towards her?

While she was in car, never once she tried to gain attention from any of us which she always does. She was just staring at the moving trees and objects in aww. Now, she is just watching a very excited uncle and a scowling Aunty with curious eyes following their every move.

Today, I understood one thing…. She's fascinated about travelling and not at all comfortable with strangers' around which I dreaded the most. I thought I could cut this visit short when she starts crying by just looking at them, but no she is just watching them like a pair of aliens who are here to entertain her.

"I can never predict you, Angel" I heard myself saying, but I heard the same words repeating by someone else. I glanced at him sharply, while looked at me with shock evident in his eyes. I took a deep breath and passed a small smile t

and suddenly he said that he likes someone else" Aunty started confessing while I listen to her with no intention to interrupt her.

"I was not rude to her face, but she must have understood that I didn't accept her heartfully. When I started to see how happy my son was with just being around her……. I understand that he loves her. The way he looks at her with so much love in his eyes made me try to accept her, but I have no idea what happened suddenly. She started to behave like a complete different person all of a sudden that is when the problems started" She completed sighing.

"I heard them talking, Veni… she was preparing herself for the rejection. I know I was to blame, but isn't love all about not giving up?" She said, looking straight into my eyes. I am not comfortable with neither her question, nor her look. I cleared my throat.

"I understand where she is coming from, Aunty. But I am not the right person to say anything to answer that question. Why don't you ask her when she returns? I am sure you will get an accurate answer" I said smiling, trying to divert the conversation.

"But what do you think, Veni? Is it okay if a person gives up on his/her love without even trying?" She asked looking over my shoulder, into space.

"Sometimes, Somethings should be left unsaid" I answered her and turned around only to come face to face with Arjun.

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