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Arjun Pov:

"Why didn't you say anything when I…" I trailed off not knowing how to finish the sentence.

"When you spouted nonsense about my relationship with Bharat?" She asked, looking into my eyes. I nodded. Her eyes were empty as always with no hint of emotions. That is one of the reasons why I don't trust her though she takes care of Aadhya very well.

How can a woman not show her emotions?

"Because it doesn't matter what you think about me" she gave me a curt answer leaving me alone as always. She never crossed her limits with me. We barely exchange any words with each other. If not for Aadhya I wouldn't know if she is in the house or not.

Her father calls me everyday to know about her wellbeing. It seems like they're not in talking terms after our marriage. I still can't believe I agreed to marry again… let alone my wife's cousin.

Midhya always used to say that her cousin is the most notorious and stubborn girl she has ever met.

But all I see is a sophisticated woman with no nonsense behavior.

"Did you forget what you went through for the past few years or that the fact that you're still suffering from that goddamn incident?" were the words Bharat said. What does he mean by them?

What happened to her years ago? Has she been under some sort of depression?

"Doesn't he have to know the reason for your disappearance for all these years?" Was there a reason for her disappearance from Midhya's life so suddenly? I thought they were more like best friends than cousins who had no secrets between them.

"Everyone has their own reasons to be what they are today, Arjun" I still remember her words after my apology to her for spouting nonsense. I am still ashamed of the way I behaved that day. I was furious when I got to know that Veni took my daughter to someone else's house like she is hers. And that she didn't try to inform me about her whereabouts beforehand.

And she slapped me. I am glad she did, otherwise the guilt would have killed me. My mom would have been so disappointed in me if she was here.

No one slapped me in my life…. Except for that one time when my mom misunderstoo

the only time I see him smiling without hesitation.

"I….. It is nothing" I said, before leaving them alone.


"Aunty, I don't think Arjun will be free tomorrow. I will bring Aadhya with me" I tried to reason to Bharat's mom for the nth time, but she is not taking no for an answer.

I even reasoned her saying we wouldn't be comfortable with him being there while we talk about their family issue, but she is far from listening to me.

When she tried to guilt trip me by saying that I didn't invite her to my marriage I clearly heard uncle saying 'Drama Queen' followed by a few curses. Knowing aunty, she must have used one of her weapons in the kitchen. I chuckled at the thought of her hitting uncle with a rolling pin.

"Why are you laughing? I will not hear anything but 'yes' from you." She demanded.

"I will ask him aunty" I sighed defeatedly and disconnected the call.

"What happened?" I heard him asking. He is standing beside me, with a sleeping Aadhya in his arms. I shook my head negatively.

He sighed.

"Err… Bharat's mom invited us for dinner tomorrow" I finally said, I know he would say no, but I can always tell her that I tried.

"Okay" I heard a whisper, making me stun.

"What?" I asked, thinking I heard it wrong.

"Okay, I will go if you take Aadhya with you" He answered, nodding to himself.

Of course, he wouldn't trust strangers around her.

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