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Veni Pov:

I don't know how to feel right now. I am married to the man I once loved but I feel nothing. I did something which I would never do in my life, marrying for something that is not love.

Technically, it is for love. My love for Aadhya.

I have no intention to work on this newly formed relationship. I am sure, he doesn't want to either. It would only be fair if we stay away from each other's way and deal with the current situation.

I don't regret marrying him because it gave me free access to Aadhya. I don't have to worry that he would find out if I am with her.

Convincing my friends is far easier than I thought. Only Anju was being difficult even after I signed the papers, she took Arjun aside and talked... more like warned him for whole five minutes. Neither of them utters a word after they returned. Anju looked far more satisfied than earlier. Nihal was there too. i did not know that Arjun and Nihal know each other.

But what Tej asked disturbed me more. Is this what you want Veni di? will you promise me to take care of the baby like she's your own and never hurt her? were the words he uttered.

His eyes held so much pain that I was almost convinced that he was going through the same pain somehow, but he could never be adopted as his parents loves him the most. I just hope he will clear the problem that is disturbing him. He was always mysterious behind all the playful behavior. Following his sister everywhere she goes as if she would disappear if he blinks. May be his tension has something to do with Sreesha?

Nahh... may be he is feeling sorry for Aadhya.


Mama already know about me getting married to Arjun the same day as my friends. She tried to convince me at first but gave up after some time. The problem is with Papa. He was so disappointed in me. when I tried to explain, he stormed out of the house and didn't return until the night.

Later, he took Arjun to his study and they were there for almost an hour. Neither of them uttered a word. I tried talking to Papa but he avoided me at all costs. I was hurt by his behavior. I would have been happy if he scolded me for what I did but he is giving me the worse punishment in my life.

Papa and I used to fight at every possible matter but it was always him who used to talk first and apologize with a tub of my favorite ice cre

eel terrible for what I did, he doesn't need to know that.

"I deserve it? What about you? You deserve what you are doing to yourself? You will be more hurt later. Knowing that guy-"

"You and I both know he is a victim too. Stop blaming him for everything okay? It is just not for Aadhya. This marriage is for me too. In a weird way, Aadhya heals me. I feel very happy and peaceful when I am around her. I have no idea why or how. But she is the healer to my invisible wounds. And trust me, I will be healed in no time" he looks more confused now but nodded.

"I will kill him if he hurt you again" he mumbled giving me a stink eye.

"Arjun and I have the situation in control. You don't have to worry about it anymore okay? Now be a good boy and apologize him for being rude" I asked him, ruffling his hair.

"But he was rude to me too. He didn't let me enter the house. Are you not going to ask him to apologize to me as well?" he asked clenching his jaw. He is like a kid when he is angry. He will not think about anything other than his target. Hopefully, Raisha will teach him a thing or two about anger management.

"Who am I to you?" I asked him, folding my hands.

"My best friend" he answered with a confused look on his face.

"As a best friend I have every right to ask you to do whatever I please, right?" he nodded "The guy who is standing there has no relationship with me. So, how can I ask him to do as I please?" I asked him, raising an eyebrow.

He hummed.

"Will you do me a favor?" he asked seriously. I nodded.

"Never ever fall in love that guy again"

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