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Veni POV:

I did not think it is possible to hold Aadhya again in my arms. It is like a dream come true when Mrs. Shekhar informed her about their arrival. I rushed all the way downstairs with tears streaming down my eyes. I did not care when my I stumbled on stairs hurting my ankle. I cursed Shekhar's for having so many flights of stairs.

My eyes were blurred when I reached Sreesha who was trying hard to console my angel. When she saw that I was standing in front of her, she passed the angel to me with no words exchanged.

My eyes were blurred and cannot see my angel properly. I harshly rubbed my eyes to see her clearly. She became so thin in these two days. Her cheeks were pale and eyes red. It must have been so hard on her.

I hugged her to my chest taking her scent in. Now that she is with me, my heart started beating at normal pace.

These two days were hell trying to act normal and happy for the sake of Niya. I did not understand that my happiness is now linked with Aadhya until now.

"Can I have a word with you.... Alone?" I heard Arjun say.

What is it that he wants now?

He already said and done enough last time.

I almost gasped when I looked at him. He looked so weak and tired. His eyes were bloody red indicating his sleeplessness. I sighed. It must have been hard on him too trying to console Aadhya. She is as stubborn as her mother.

I regretted slapping him. It is so unlike me. I normally don't lose my cool before others no matter what, but the words he uttered pierced through my heart making me vulnerable.

I hate to lose control on my anger especially with him.

I need to apologize him even if he is

have my friends to sign as witness and you can bring yours if needed" I told him without taking my eyes off him.

"You live your life. I live mine. We will be only connected through Aadhya" I stared longingly at the angel resting in his arms.

"I know you need the same relationship with me, Arjun. You don't have to worry about trying to explain what kind of relationship we will be having" He was silent for a minute and nodded.

"I will arrange the date and inform you" he said turning to leave.

"I- Can I have Aadhya with me until that day?" he hesitated a second "If you want this to work, you need to trust her with me. I will never hurt her. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable whenever you see me with her that is all I want from you. Can you do that?" I asked him.

He took a deep breath and nodded.

He kissed her forehead and before passing her to me.

"I will call you tomorrow and let you know the date and time" he said, I nodded.

It is more like a convenience than marriage.

I need her.

He needs her happiness and health.

Society needs our marriage certificate.

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