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Aadhya has been fussy all the way to Sreesha's house. She had been whimpering and squirming in my hands. I tried feeding her but no use. She has been pushing the bottle away with both her hands.

Why is she making this more difficult than it already was?

I was fighting tooth and nail to be with her, and she is making this so hard on me. How would I know what she wants?

How would you know? You are not her mother, but Midhya. She finds comfort in you just like her mother did. She will leave you once she knew you are nowhere near like her mother. Her mother was perfect, and you are not.

That pricked my almost dead heart so hard that it started a slow pain.

My train of thoughts ended when I reach Shekhar's Mansion. When I was about to ring the doorbell Aadhya started crying. I tried hard to console her but no avail.

What does she want? I know she is not hungry. What if she is in pain?

I panicked and knocked the door to ask Sreesha's mother-in-law for some remedy. The door was opened by Mrs Shekhar herself before I say anything Sreesha snatched Aadhya from my hands. For a second, I panicked. I felt so empty suddenly without her in my arms.

Is this how every mother feels?

But I am not her mother. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. I need to be careful about the bond I create with her. I should not be hurt when she doesn't want... need me anymore. One day I will have to walk away from her life like a nanny with no strings attached.

Can I do that?

Mrs Shekhar shook my shoulder and gave me a sympathetic smile. Like she knows what I am going through. Like this is not the first time she is facing a situation like this.

"Give it time dear" was all she said before leading me to where her family and my friends are lazing around.

I did not like what I saw the moment my gaze fell on Sreesha. I felt like someone was squeezing my heart so hard that I cannot breathe anymore.

My angel is finding comfort in another woman's arms. She was smiling at her just the way she used to smile at me. She was nuzzling her head on her bosom just like s

fer and that I am not a fool to jump into his trap." He yelled again making the guards on duty alert.

"What the hell are you talking about? A trap you say? Please do enlighten me for whatever purpose Mr Raizada. You feel all high and mighty right? If it is not for sister......" I was cut off by him gripping my shoulder in a tight grip.

"Don't ever call her your sister. You abandoned her. Do you know how many days she cried for you? Do you have any idea how many times I had to console her in the middle of the night? You never returned her calls or messages. She even called you just before the day she goes into labor. She had to call your mother to rely her message to you that there is a chance of her dying. I will never forgive you for making my Vennela cry. Do you even know what love is? Of course, you do. You love that punk, Bharat who used to show his displeasure every time he met us. Why did you start hating your sister? What kind of bullshit are you feeding that lover boy of yours? Is he planning to get rid of you? Is that why your father is trying to marry you off as soon as possible to the first guy he meets even if he is a widower with a baby?"

"You are unfit to be a mother to your own child let alone to your cousin's...." He could not finish that sentence. Before I can realise what is happening, I slapped him. Hard.

I have nothing to say. I just left from there.

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