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"I'm ready to marry YOU... for the baby." I heard myself saying to him. "Or I can work for you as her nanny. Pick your choice, Arjun. But I am not going to stay away from her." I added looking straight into his eyes. He was speechless for a while and nodded.

"A nanny it is" his words were sharp and crisp.

Papa ordered us to follow him to study, and we followed him with Aadhya still in my hands.

"That will never happen" I heard Papa say. "I will not allow you to stay in the same house with him and give an opportunity to waggling tongues. There is only one choice for you both. Marriage." He added giving mama a meaningful look.

"I will not do anything to ruin her reputation, Uncle. We both know that" Arjun stated firmly.

"This is my daughter's life, and I am not taking chances. Either you both marry or not. The choice is yours, but I will never let my daughter ruin her life in front of my eyes for your daughter." Papa didn't back down.

"Papa-" I tried to interrupt but cut off by Arjun.

"If she, staying with me all alone is your problem, then I will stay in the same city. I will shift my business headquarter here and buy a new house nearby. I will do anything to see my daughter happy" Arjun said looking at sleeping Aadhya.

"So, what you are suggesting is that you will do anything to see your daughter happy." Arjun nodded "But don't you think I have the same responsibility towards my daughter? Don't you think I want her happy with her own family which will stand by her when something happens to us, her parents? I know my daughter. She will not marry anyone if the situation does not demand. So, I must go to the lengths to take advantage of the situation and give her what she wanted and more. She wants your daughter to stay with he

nd played with her for a while. When it is time for me to leave she didn't let me go. I thought if I hold her for a few minutes that she would sleep but she didn't. Instead, she was being cute with all the toothless smiles and pouts.

She will take my breath away with every smile of her. In the same way, she will make me more miserable with her each cry.

I sighed. I can't take back the promise I made for Niya to be with her, but I can't leave angel in this state. And it is already 6 pm, and I need to be there to finalize a few details with Sreesha mother-in-law. She loves Sreesha like her own daughter. What else will a girl need other than good in-laws and a loving husband?

How I wish you meet my son, he will fell in love with you in the first sight.....

You will never think about this again. It is a done deal. She is not here, and you are not the same.

"You take Aadhya with you. I will tell Arjun about this when he reached home. He needs to trust her safety with you if you both want to marry. Write down Sreesha's in-laws address just in case" I did as I was told and took her with me.

Little did I know my baby will take comfort in another woman's embrace.

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