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Convincing dad was not as easy as I thought. He right out said no without giving it a thought. He's still not over the rejection of Karthik's father. Though they both have had a healthy competition until now and I hope it stays that way for the rest of our lives for the sake of Sreesha and I.

"Why do you want to go stay in the house of people who rejected you, Veni?" Papa asked rubbing his forehead tiredly. I am feeling very guilty for leaving him alone again, but it is Niya's marriage, and I need to be there for her. Though I will have to endure the painful shopping's and trips to parlours, her one genuine smile is enough to forget everything.

"It is Niya's marriage, Papa. And they did not reject me. They rejected the business/marriage deal you placed in front of them. Sreesha is so happy in her life after so many struggles Papa. Don't you want her happiness?" I asked him knowing very well this will work "And I was never interested in Karthik. I admired him for the way he handled the situation between Mark's and ours without wordy threats, but I never said I was interested in him in a romantic way." I tried explaining him.

"Then why were you so upset when you mentioned about their marriage?" he asked confusedly.

"That is the same day mom mentioned about Midhya's health condition and how she needs me beside her after the delivery. It was like she knows something would happen to her. So I was a little distracted that evening." He hummed and nodded.

"Do you remember the word you gave to your sister? Are you sure about it? I should have as

passed her to me.

I hugged her as my life depended on it. I cleared my tears to get a good look of her face. She looks so tired. When I smiled tracing her check, she gave me a very beautiful teary smile with her toothless mouth.

I rubbed her stomach making her squeal in delight. I laughed along with her. It has been so long since I laughed this much.

There is no denying in our bond. There is no way out.

If marrying Arjun will make me stay in Angel's life so be it.

I'll fight tooth or nail to be with her.

With or without his consent.

I cannot imagine my life without her.

I squirmed in my hands yawning. Someone passed a bottle of milk in my hands, and I fed her like I used to whenever she cried all those nights I visited her room secretly.

It has been a few minutes she slept, but I didn't let her go with the fear of losing her again. I looked around to see my mom was here too along with dad and Arjun.

Dad was looking at me with an unreadable expression.

And Arjun...

"I'm ready to marry YOU... for the baby."

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