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"She left" hearing aunt's sharp words, I stilled.

Did she leave?

I heaved a sigh in relief knowing I don't have to endure her presence anymore and was happy that she did not create a scene while going away but the fog of my thoughts cleared when I heard my princess cries again.

Why does she have to cry this much and break my heart repeatedly?

Why can I not be both mother and father to her?

Why does she have to inflict this enormous pain in me?

Why does she have to make me weak and doubt on myself?

'Am I not enough to take care of you princess? Why do you need a manipulative woman in your life?' I glanced at her helplessly.

Aunt was looking at me intently with disappointment evident in her eyes.

I sighed and left with Aadhya in my hands bawling her eyes. I think it is better if I take her to the hospital and check if she was coming up with anything. I prayed to god to make her stop crying.

How can a baby's attachment with a stranger be so strong that it challenges mine? Is this attachment or that woman put some kind of spell on my baby?

I know I am thinking like a total idiot right now, but there is a possibility, right?

The doctor said crying for 1 to 3 hours a day is normal for the babies, but it can be dangerous if her stress increases by crying. And said there are many reasons why they cry so much. One of them was loneliness.

Is my princess feeling all alone in that big house? Are Aunt and Chanchal not paying enough attention to her? I know both w

rowing her hands and legs in the air when she started singing a lullaby which Midhya used to sing when she was pregnant with Aadhya. She says that babies can hear and feel what we say and do.

She used to talk to Aadhya for hours saying how much she loves her and how much she loves me. She used to cry when she thinks I was not looking. She used to run her hands around her stomach lovingly, singing for Aadhya.

I miss her so much.

Veni's mother patted on my shoulder. I hugged her just like I used to hug my mother. I am tired both physically and emotionally. I cried like a baby in her arms for everything I lost. I just wanted to die along with my Midhya when she left the world if not for my angel and now she does not need me to soothe her fears and loneliness. She is in need of a stranger. A stranger who has the power to take her away from me.

If that is her wish, I will grant it just for her.

I may not need a wife, but Aadhya deserves a mother.

At least a mother figure in her life.

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