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It has been three days since I left that place. And I have been doing everything and anything to distract myself from the thoughts of my angel. My angel. She became my angel in this cursed world, but she can't be mine in the sense where society is involved.

Walking away from her was the worst decision I have ever taken. The pain in my heart increased with every passing day. How I wish circumstances were different and Midhya was alive. I don't want her to live motherless.

I hope Arjun will realize what harm he is doing to the angel and marry someone who will love her like a mother. It does not have to be me. It will never have to be me.

If marriage involved between us it will be a disaster. There will be more at stake than my future. He will be devastated more than he was now. So, marriage between us will never be an option.

How I wish he will take me as her nanny.... I can always work when I have free time, or I can just ask dad to hire someone efficient and trust worthy to take my place in office. I am ready to give up everything just for her.

If only......

I stumbled a bit reaching Sreesha home. I was very thankful when I got a call from her to join them for lunch. I needed a distraction, and this will be distraction I needed. Mingling with my friends will help my case.

My eyes started drooping.... I did not have food for almost three days properly and it is showing its effect now. Food was the last thing on my mind all these days. Whenever I try to swallow a morsel my thoughts would go to Aadhya.

Did she have milk or not?

Was she crying at the same time she used to...?

Or if she already found the soothing touch in someone else's?

The last thought crushed me.

I heard a faint "we're gettin

other. Mom left the phone in nursery and went to prepare a bottle for her.

I started talking to her and looking at her.... And wishing I was there to take care of her instead of mom.

I sung a lullaby for her which I learned from my mom.... I heard her squealing and smiled a little. I touched the screen unknowingly. Mama fed her through the bottle and slept with a small smile on her face.

I thanked all my stars for Arjun not being there.

Mama didn't judge me for what I did or still doing. She just asked me to take care of myself which I am grateful for.


I was still looking at her even after she slept a few minutes ago taking in her features.... Memorizing her every movement. The small smile that curved on her lips made me smile. I touched the screen with my free hand wishing it was real. She was really here.... With me.

I hardened my heart. This is not supposed to happen. I shouldn't behave like thus.

She is not mine.

This love I have for her may turn into obsession and make me do something stupid.

With that thought in my mind..... I disconnected the call with a final goodbye.

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