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Marry You For The Baby By Midhuna Characters: 5560

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Veni POV:

Holding Aadhya close to my heart gave me peace and tranquility to my conflicted mind. I threw a glare at the person who was standing next to me watching me like a hawk as if I will disappear with his daughter if he blinks. I sighed in relief when her cries subdued. Carrying her I signed Chanchal to clear the cradle which is filled with her toys. I should have reached home soon. I was so stupid....

I stilled in my place.

Did I just say home?

Since when this place became my home?

No! It will never be my home. I glanced at the baby sleeping peacefully in my arms and sighed. Right now, I am in the place where I have been trying to avoid.... All because of the angel who is sleeping peacefully.

Tucking her in the cradle, I left without a word. As soon as I reached my room, I started packing all my belongings. I need to go far away from here. One should never invest feelings in a relationship especially not when they know it is temporary.

Whatever the connection between Aadhya and me, is temporary.

Arjun can take care of her. May be Chanchal is not as efficient as Arjun thinks. He will find some one soon. He can do anything and changing a nanny is not a big deal for him.

She will be fine.

She doesn't need me.

With that thought in mind, I laid down on bed wide awake with my mind wandering in forbidden places.


I woke up at earlier than I planned and got ready for my journey. I can't believe it is already been three months since I left my place to be with mom. I overstayed my welcome. No wonder Arjun is annoyed by my presence.

Making my way to mom's room, I knocked on h

a goodbye, I left without a glance his away.

I'm running away again... with the same pain in my heart but for a different person.


Arjun POV:

After a restless sleep I was wide awake when my angel cries filled the house. Dragging myself away from bed I entered nursery where my angel was crying rubbing her hands on her eyes. I took her in my arms and made my way to kitchen where I find Midhya's aunt preparing a bottle for Aadhya.

I mumbled a good morning and tried to feed her. But she keeps on pushing the bottle away. Chanchal took her from me and tried to feed her but her cries increased when she touched her.

I looked at aunty for help, she sighed and took the baby in her arms. She whispered soothing words in her ear, rubbing her back. She calmed down a bit giving me some hope, but she didn't let the tip of bottle touch her lips.

"Madam, shall I go call Veni ma'am? Ma'am can make her stop crying" Chanchal asked making me glare at her.

"There is no need to...." I started.

Aunty cut me off by saying "She left" giving me a meaningful look.

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