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Veni Pov:

I've been pretending like I was mad at this ridiculously super cute kid beside me but who can resist the charm of Bharat Raj Singh? the awesomest best friend in the whole freaking world! (His words, not mine).

"Stop pretending like you're mad at me! I just noticed a faint smile on your lips that would slip into a full blown smile at anytime moment from now" he said grinning like a buffoon.

Ignore him!

"Talk to me shorty pleaseeee" he begged using his nickname for me before pulling his super famous puppy face which I can't resist. He's practically kid by heart.

"You should've listened to me. Why is it so hard to follow my words at least once in a while?" I said smacking his head.

"Shorty! That hurts! Is this the way to treat your awesomest best friend in the whole world ?" He asked rubbing his head.

See I told you, they're not my words!

"The word Awesomest doesn't exist dumbo!" I said feigning annoyance.

"In the world of Bharat Raj Singh, everything is possible. And missy, as my best friend you should follow all those rules and stop hitting the Royal Highness in front of others" he said feigning arrogance.

"If you forgot Royal Highness of weirdos we're alone here on the empty road" I said gesturing to the now empty road.

"Royal Highness of weirdos? But last time you said 'crazies'? Stick to one Kingdom shorty I can't rule both the Kingdom's at a time. And we're not alone here, your good for nothing bro-in-law is watching us from the window right there" he said tipping his head towards the window where Arjun was standing.

"He must be there for some fresh air, weirdo. C'mon lets go. Aunty and Uncle must be waiting for us" I said gesturing to his two Wheeler. Avoiding the conversation about Arjun or Midhya.


"I heard about Midhya, Veni, I'm sorry for your loss" his parents said at a time after our formal greetings. I smiled at them politely not knowing what to say. Bharat gave her mom a look and steered the conversation into lighter topics. I sent him a small smile of gratitude.

Like someone said no one can understand you, better than your best friend.

"Veni, we've been meaning to ask you...-his mom cleared throat- umm did you change your mind ?" she asked me not meeting Bharat's hard stare.

"Mom, I told you not to bring up this topic again. We're friends mom. Best friends not lovers" he said curtly. I cringed at the word of lovers. I patted his shoulder silently asking him to let me deal with his parents.

"Aunty, I know you're worried about us. You're worried of us gett

s talking about was my colleague in Germany. Trust me mom, you will like her. I'm sure about it. We've been going out for the past six months. Before you say anything NO we're not going to get married anytime soon. I'm not asking for your permission to get married, all I want from you guys is a chance to get to know her. Trust me, she will earn your love in no time" he ended his speech making aunty speechless.

"I never thought my son would give this long speech. Please tell me its all your training" uncle whispered in my ear.

"No uncle. Its his own speech" I said grinning.

"My son is growing up" he said faking tears.

"Stop it Prakash, I still can't believe he said all those things in one go. He must really love her" she said glaring at her husband "okay. Invite her for dinner tomorrow" she said keeping her voice neutral.

"Veni ?You're coming tomorrow right?" Aunty added raising an eyebrow.

"No, aunty I'm leaving to Mumbai tomorrow" I said smiling.

She asked me to follow her to kitchen " Do you like her, Veni ?".

"I didn't get the chance to meet her aunty, but I talked to her a few times on phone. She sounds like a nice girl and from what Bharat told me, she seems like an amazing one" I said fidgeting with my fingers "you've to trust Bharat in this aunty. Keep your mind open when you meet her and please don't try compare her to me. Please... He's old enough to select a girl for himself. You want him to be happy right? -she nodded- Just trust him and give her a chance" I said giving her a goodbye hug.

"Does this girl have a name or not?" Aunty demanded the moment she stepped into the living where Bharat and uncle were in a deep discussion.

"Her name is Raisha"

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