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Veni Pov:

"Veni, you should stop moping around your room. Lets go play with sweet Aadhya" my mom voice startled me. She was standing at the door with Aadhya in her arms.

"Mama I've some important things to do, so please, let me do my work. Dad had enough work to do already and I Can't burden him with mine too. By the way I'm going to leave tomorrow and yeah later in the evening I'm meeting Bharat and his family" I said without looking at her still working on some files that my PA sent me a few days ago. I've been neglecting work all these days because of that dad had to appoint some airhead woman who knows nothing about work and was recommended by one of his friends.

"You're leaving? Why? I thought you would stay here for few more days" mama said disappointed.

"Mama, what am I going to do here? Its all settled and she's fine with Chanchal" I mumbled the last part.

True to his words Arjun appointed a nanny for Aadhya after a week of his declaration. I thought of leaving but the little angel in my mom's arms stopped me. Each time I tried to talk to mom about me leaving to go back to my hometown where my life was more easier with great friends I couldn't help but feel guilty. Guilty because I'm not keeping my promise.

"And he doesn't want me anywhere near his daughter. He made it clear from the very beginning, I'm tired of all these things ma. I just need some alone time to think" I mumbled frowning when I found myself standing in front of my mom holding Aadhya's hand in mine. I sighed. I'm not going to deny, she was the best thing that ever happened to us but still, I can't be with her when her father gave strict instructions to her nanny saying that he never want me anywhere near Aadhya.

A loud cry woke me up in the middle of the night. No one's home today mom left to take care of few things in our hometown and Arjun was not home yet.

I literally jumped out of the bed and reached Aadhya's room. Her nanny Chanchal trying to console her but still couldn't make her stop crying. When I tried to reach her, Chanchal stopped me shaking her head as if saying no. I glared at her before taking Aadhya into my arms cooing soft words in her ears. She instantly stopped crying and started making cute noises as if she was talking to me. I held her for a while until she fell asleep and tucked her in her crib.

I asked Chanchal to come out, so I can have a word with her. She nodded before leaving the room. I kissed Aadhya's head mumbling 'I love you' as if it was such a routine activity between us.

"Why Chanchal?" She knows exactly what I was asking.

"Ma'am, Mr.Raizada ordered me not let you anywhere near Baby Aadhya" she said fidgeting with her fingers.

A small part of me expected this but another part of me was utterly disappointed in him. He knew I mean no harm to her yet he doesn't want me anywhere near his daughter. I should've known and left earlier.

"Sorry ma'am, I can't go against his orders and risk my job" she said giving me a sad look.

"Its okay" I said sighing.

He wants me to leave his house, he was not saying it to my face but his intentions were clear. He wants me out of their lives and I'll grant his wish.

"Veni" mom called pulling me out of the thoughts of last night.

"Yes mama" I asked sighing.

"Is there a reason to why you're leaving earlier than you planned? And Bharat is here? When did he arrive from Germany?" she asked looking at me waiting for an explanation.

"Mama, there is no other reason. I don't want dad to stress himself with all the work, and th

e new temp don't know much about work. And about Bharat, he left Germany for good and never going back. I asked him to pick me at 7, so if you want you could meet your favourite buddy and it has been a year since you meet him" I said smiling. Bharat and mom are best friends than him and I.

He was a great friend. He was there for me at my worst and made it his life's mission to pick every shredded piece of the broken me. He knows almost everything about me, when I said everything I mean it. He knows all my life's embarrassing moments to lovable moments. He was like a fresh breath of air for me when I feel down. I missed him so much for an year now. Sure we chat and Skype a lot but its not the same.

It has been years and we're still best friends. Our parents tried to tied us, but ewww its like talking about marrying your own brother.

Like us our mothers became best friends and our fathers become acquainted. My mother was more close to him than my other friends. He was like the son my parents never had.

"He's coming to pick you? You should've told me earlier, I could've made him something. Wait a second, why didn't he inform me that he was coming back? I should teach him a lesson" she mumbled walking around my room to which Aadhya laughed thinking it was some sort of game. Her laugh was contagious, a smile broke on my lips unknowingly.

"Oh dear! I need to get Aadhya ready to meet him" she said excitedly.

"Mama, its not a good idea and Arjun was home. I don't think he would appreciate inviting my friends in his home without his permission" I said grumbling.


"Mama, you know how Arjun feels when someone hold his daughter other than you and Chanchal. So please try to understand" I said pleading her with my eyes.

"Okay. But I've to meet him before you guys leave" Mom said leaving my room.

Its already 6 in the evening so I got ready in record time in my favourite top and jeans and let down my natural curly hair. I applied small amount of makeup and finally I'm ready to go.

I stayed in my room waiting for his call. I don't want to wait in the living room and cross my path with Arjun only to earn one of his disgusting glares.

When I heard doorbell I cursed under my breath. I told him to call me and stay outside the house. That little prick deserves a slap right now.

I ran into the living room praying all the gods to keep Arjun away from here for a while. But as always luck was obviously not on my side today.

There stood my stupid of a best friend grinning like an idiot but when his eyes fell on Arjun who was in front of him, he scowled.

"May I help you?" Arjun asked curtly.

"Yeah I'm here to meet my best friend. Ahh there she is" he said when his eyes fall on me.

"Actually we're just leaving" I said glaring at Bharat.

"No. I want to meet my bestie " he said winking at me.

"Bharat" my mom squealed like a school girl running towards us tackling him into one of her famous mama bear hugs.

"Aww bestie, I miss you too" he said laughing.

"I told you to wait for me outside" I hissed.

"I'm not here for you. I came here to meet my bestie as I miss her so much" he said grinning, I scowled "Aww I miss you too now stop scowling and give me a hug?" He added pulling me into a hug.

"I'm going kill you one day" I said trying to act annoyed but my lips betrayed me giving him a small genuine smile.

"Lets go" I said dragging him out the house, he started whining like a baby saying let me go.

He acts like a kid to make me laugh.... he's such a sweetheart.

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